Saturday, September 01, 2007

Day 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 and still no decision in the Cheri Moore case.

Too bad Gallegos doesn't have Tim Stoen around to help him find a way to charge those cops. Surely he could come up with something. Or maybe he has Ken Miller working on it. And when he attempts to file charges, Ken can profess to be "stunned."


  1. No doubt Ken Miller has been working on it. He has been kind of low profile the past few months. Normally he would be one of the one's in the news attacking EPD for being murderers and goons. Ken is probably "conspiring" with that goofy self appointed police expert from Arizona to make up some evidence to charge the cops!

    Could it be that Ken Miller is the reason no decision has been made on the Moore case? Miller wants the cops to be charged in a bad way and Gag's , as dumb as he is, knows he can't do it. Miller is rumored to be one of Gag's "handler's'. He's rumored to be the one that wrote most of the PALCO lawsuit (you know the one that cost the county tens's of thousands of dollars and got tossed out of court). He has been a Gag's supporter from the start and he wants Gag's to dance to his fiddle.

    If my memory serves me he donated something like $2500 to get Larry Glass elected to Eureka City Coucil, apparently thinking he could buy or encourage Glass to go after EPD. From the blog's and letters to the editor Miller has been extremely vocal in his hatred of the EPD.

  2. The DA was out of the office Thursday and Friday, being exhausted after dealing away Kessler, and
    was so beat he didn't stick around for yougo's going away party. No doubt he's taking 5 days in seclusion to decide what to do with Cheri Moore.

    Or surf. Whatever.

  3. Pfffhhh. He just made it a 5 day weekend that's all.

  4. I like to see some transcripts of some of Miller's comments on the blogs.And how did Larry make it into one's delusions?And I suppose that you'll accuse Polly Endert of being in cahoots with Gallegos as well,since she called for police review to be looked at,correct?(Paul stated he opposed police review at a meeting after the Moore incident)but that's an inconvenient fact when one looks for any reason whatsoever to attack him.
    Listen,he makes enough mistakes,you don't have to invent shit to make him look worse.

  5. You won't find Miller's comments on the blogs, at least not under his own name. You will find a few letters to the editor, which may be posted - I believe I have posted a few. And some emails of his. And some quotes of his early on in the Palco suit, pretending to be "surprised and impressed that Paul (actually Stoen) filed the lawsuit.

    Supporting Glass would have been in order to oust the people Miller and his cohorts saw as unfriendly to their agenda. That's a crapshoot, if Glass is an independent thinker, and he is showing himself to be just that. But it is a risk they trake, mresquan.

    You are correct. Paul stated he was not in favor of police review. And if you believe that, well....

    Anyway - this blog is not here to invent shit to make him look worse. It is here to point out what he actually does and doesn't do, as often as possible with actual documents that prove the point.

    AND - there are times when what he is saying, and what his handlers are setting up in his behalf allowing him to play coy will get called out. His behavior during Cheri Moore is one of those. And his failure to act is another.

    He should have turned this case over to the Attorney General immediately. Period. End of story. Let an independent, unbiased professiohnal agency that will follow the law evaluate the situation. Not an agenda driven puppet.

  6. Point being Larry Glass does seem to be an independent thinker, the good dr. seems to have wasted his money.

    Miller's name will not be on blog, but most bloggers are annonymos.

    mresquan if you're so interested maybe to can check the archives of the T/S for his letters to the editor or My Word columns. Miller is no R. Trent, he gave his name one those. Blogs are a different story.

  7. Rose,my point is,comments like 12:00pm is what Paul will use to get re-elected,straw man statements with no value or backup being used to attack Paul unnecessarily.You of all people should be pretty upset about stuff like that.

  8. "is what Paul will use to get re-elected" ..... and I thought you were brighter than that. I stand corrected.

    Paul will get re-elected because nobody (no decent local attorney) will want to take over the mega disaster, trainwreck, abortion that Paul has created.

  9. I predict that PVG will make his decision on the Moore shooting within 60 days. This is not much more than just a prediction. PVG has been getting a lot of negative publicity to make the call one way or the other.

    Face it Paulie, you get all dressed up to go the prom and sooner or later you gotta dance !

  10. Why do you think it is that he doesn't get it? That he has no business having anything to do with this case? Someone in a previous thread suggested he hand it over to Kelly Neel. That's not going to solve the problem. Others suggest convening a criminal Grand Jury. If he does that, it means he intends to charge. So why not say so?

    Gallegos is heavily biased against the law enforcement community to start with. The Cheri Moore case was deeply important to his re-election campaign, and he used it to further denigrate the police. His handlers continue to express their wishes that he get the cops... and in Gallegos' case, the handlers are way more important than they should be He cannot make an unbiased inquiry, much less an unbiased decision.

    The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office has no business handling the Cheri Moore case. It must be turned over to the Attorney General's Office where an unbiased professional can review the situation and make a determination.

  11. I think PVG knows that he shouldn't have a go at the cops. He's holding off on his ruling because his buddies, or handlers, or big time supporters really want the cops to be charged. But he (PVG) knows that if he does charge the EPD Cops the case will get tossed from court toot sweet. If/when that happens he would/will look like an absolutely "corrupt & inept" boob. It will go along with the Palco suit and the Debbi August goatfuck. In other words another example of abusing his power to go after political enemies or preceived enenmes.

    It's too late to ask the AG's office to look at it. If he did the big ?? would be, why didn't you do that in this first place? He doesn't want to answer that one because there is no good answer.

    Here's another option; what if he is putting it off as part of his strategy for the next campaign? Maybe a year before the election he charges the EPD cops or puts the case on to Grand Jury. That will cause a BIG blowout in the community. The papers, the blogs, the letters to the editor will be alive with controversy. Then PVG will go for the image of being the lone seeker of justice fighting PALCO, the government, the "good ole boys", and the police. Just a thought. It will/could be the core of his campaign like his battle against PALCO was for the recall, and like the battle against all the local cops was for the last election !?? Possible? Does this make any sense?

  12. If Paul were smart this would have been bounced over to the AG's office long long ago. We need a DA at least willing to make basic decisions. I predict someone from the PD's office will run against Paul from the left.

  13. Think lunch at Curley's will help him make up his mind? Seemed to work against Sean Marsh.

  14. He has handed over to Arnie Klien and they will impanel a criminal grand jury. Then watch, they will try to make it public, although the statute deals only with malfeasance of government officials and NOT criminal conduct.

    This will all be a stupid waste of time and money, because if they want to make it public, he should just charge the charges that he wants to present to the GJ to the judge which is how it is supposed to be done UNLESS there is a damn good reason for keeping things private and not in the press which is the only reason that justifies a grand jury.

    What an inept boob.

    And guess what....he was too bottlenecked w/ Kesser to make a decision - and he plea bargained a coldblooded premeditated murder to a simple 2d degree.

    Then still no Moore decision.

    Then he took another you anything he didn’t take the Moore file to review. Oh, just another day feeding at the public trough Paulie.

  15. Rumor has it that a peek at the court's file (which is public) in Kessler you might see that the defense was doing pretty well in pretrial motions. Lose enough motions and you lose the case that Dikeman won. Can't go there.

  16. I heard that Gag's lost most of all of the in limine motions in the case because he was totally unprepared. Shooting from the hip again is his MO. Seems like not having anyone in the office any more to hike him up and do all of his motions and prep took a real toll on him. The defense attorney walked all over him and he then sold the damn case down the river so he wouldn't lose what Dikeman won. See - its easy to try a murder case where you have eyewitnesses to who shot whom. This type of case is where you really need a lawyer and not a wannabe.

  17. Exactly. He does not prepare cases, he takes over cases prepared by others. Well, the training wheels are off, surfer dude, let's see you and the people you have hired try some serious cases without selling them short. It may be that the best
    PVG can do is Arnie Klein.

  18. Mr. Klein appears to be a competent and even aggresive prosecutor. Even on this blog the worst thing anyone has said about him is that he's a skirt-chaser. He had a good reputation in Tulare, according to a fellow I know who worked with him at the DA there. Which goes to show that even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then.

  19. Klein being the acorn and the DA the foraging quadruped?
    So, we go from when pigs can fly to when pigs can surf. Rad, dude.

  20. Well he doesn't have a good reputation at 825 Fifth Street. The dude tried to be a DDA in Monterey, but he couldn't make it off of probation there. Oh, but he is right at home here in the Humboldt DA's office.

    This is guy who drew a picture of a hamburger on the chalk board of a jury trial and said "wheres the beef." Come that is real lawyering.


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