Friday, September 07, 2007

Planning Commission tables controversial Manila subdivision decision


Thursday night’s Humboldt County Planning Commission meeting was dominated by testimony regarding the proposed subdivision in Manila.

The project has attracted considerable opposition from nearby residents.

Developer Robert Riley touted his 17-unit subdivision project on the 3.8-acre site as the first sustainable green subdivision in the county.

But numerous Manila residents weren’t impressed and testified to the Planning Commission that the subdivision’s densely packed homes would ruin the character of the sparsely populated dune neighborhood.

The meeting was punctuated by several emotionally charged outbursts from residents who claimed Riley had previously illegally removed native dune trees from the property.

As Riley testified that four agencies investigated the tree removal and found no violations, several residents stormed out in protest of the hearing, calling it a “lie.”

Although public comments were wrapping up, commissioners ran out of time to make a decision and the hearing was continued until Oct. 4.
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  1. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. watch the replay of them freaking out.they're so used to getting their way by bullying everyone that they can't deal with rational,fact based presentations.

  2. Correct. Documented facts mean nothing to these people. In fact, they are working to get the facts changed to suit their purposes.

    They cannot go back and rewrite the reports at all these different agencies - at least not yet.

    But they will repeat the lie and repeat the lie and repeat the lie until it is viewed as fact - or at least that appears to have been the game plan...

  3. Riley has a good plan,a good architect,a good location and a great idea. The new homes and families will be a plus for Manila.


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