Friday, September 07, 2007

She has a point

I don't know about her statistics, but the fact that the weapons the DA investigators already carry working perfectly well when needed is a good one.

Dear Editor,

Regarding your article in the Sept. 1 paper titled “DA Gallegos can get his guns,” I think the “kill rate” (55 percent) by Eureka police shows the armament they have works just fine. Don’t you?

I, for one, would rather see the money spent on “nonlethal” weapons, which appear to be basically nonexistent to the Eureka Police Department.

Janet Busch

You just have to wonder - why does Paul want those weapons? Is it because Hislop wants them, and Paul can't say no? Is that the same reason he keeps jumping his new hires up the salary ladder? He's just a guy who can't say "No!"

Or is it the opposite - he wants them so bad because he was told "No."?

Does he really want in on the asset forfeiture raids because his department gets a higher payout if they conduct the raid than if they just tag along? It would seem like political suicide because in asset forfeiture raids he is targeting the very people who gave him barrels of cash in his elections. But he's shown a willingness to corrupt the system to gather cash to pay Cotchett to go after Palco - is that in the twisted plan?

Does it make sense to anybody? Why the DA wants to set up an assault team?


  1. And others will tell you that nightsticks worked well enough on Martin Cotton.

  2. True. And many will ignore the criminal element/drug factor. We suddenly have a county full of experts on LSD, but I don't think the full toxicology reports are in. Meth, meth, meth in most every case where tragedy has occurred, and now this.

  3. The Real Anonymous9/08/2007 8:18 AM

    ok first let me say this, I despise the Humboldt County DA. However I don't hold any ill will towards the investigators. They are working for an incompetent man.

    However I want to know this. In the ladies letter to the editor she sites that EPD has a "55% kill rate". I want to know this... Where did she get that number? I am not a mathematical genius but if they have a 55% kill rate then that means they have killed 55 people out of 100 right? Does that mean that they have killed 5.5 people out of each 10 people that they contact?

    Wow that means that the population of Eureka has been cut in more then half in the last 2 years. I don't know about you but you would think that traffic would be much better now if that was the case?

    EPD has had to use Deadly force, is it 4 times now?, Because 4 people made the choice to fight when they are required by law to stop.

    As for having the money go to less then lethal for EPD people need to realize that the DA's Office and EPD are 2 different agencies. It would be like you, the writer Miss Busch, using her money on a new Honda Hybrid for me because she doesn't like my gas guzzler (although it would be nice and I wouldn't complain)

    I am so tired of the bleeding heart liberal cop haters out there. They are the reason that we have the largest drug problem in California, the highest number of Parolees' in California and the highest number of sex registrants in California. The liberals hate cops and embrace crime then scream when someone gets killed by a cop.

    Why aren't people screaming about Cody Baker who in a matter of minutes snuffed out 4 lives. That is the same number of people killed that EPD had to use Lethal force on in 2 years. What about making a stink about that? Yea he's in jail right now because of it, but he is just one Drunk Driver that got caught. Thank God it was in Trinity County at least the families of the victims will get true justice.

    I wonder what the percentage of accidents and deaths are directly related to a person getting behind the the wheel of a car drunk?

    That's all for now, Rose i'm sorry for my rant I am just getting sick and tired of the ignorance of Humboldt County.

  4. robin shelley9/10/2007 8:32 PM

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 13,470 deaths involving drivers with blood alcohol levels of .08 or above in the U.S., District of Columbia & Puerto Rico in 2006. There were 17,602 deaths involving drivers with any level of blood alcohol in those same locales last year. Down from 2005, apparently.


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