Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on Paul Gallegos' Appeal - Years later

This began in 2005, long after Gallegos' lawsuit was tossed on demurrer:
The People v. Pacific Lumber Co. et al.
Division 3
Case Number A112028

11/18/2005 Exempt filing fee.
11/18/2005 Notice of appeal lodged/received
More recent activity:
08/31/2007 Respondent's brief.
08/31/2007 Request for judicial notice filed. (by the) respondent
09/20/2007 To court. respondent's request for judicial notice
09/21/2007 Telephone conversation with: Christa McKinney of D. A. office. Inadvertenlty only copies of reply brief were sent priority mail yesterday. Original sent priority mail today.
09/24/2007 Appellant's reply brief.
09/24/2007 Case fully briefed.

Paul's brief was due 9/20.

Christa McKinney or Christa McKimmy?

Ruling Re: Demurrer to the First Amended Complaint Filed April 30, 2004
APPELLANT’S OPENING BRIEF Dated: November 8, 2006


  1. So unless the panel or one of the parties requests oral argument, it's all waiting now.

  2. I'd be wanting oral argument.

  3. Hek - the court hasn't even sent the waiver letter yet Eric.

    This is a case where the defense will not waive oral argument.

    This is also a case where I's pay big money to see the imbecile DA argue it.

    Hey - anyone want to carpool to SF to see the county idiot try to argue this thing. You know that he didn't write the damn brief. I received an E-mail from a friend last year indicating that a friend of his was “working with the legal team writing the brief” and that none of them were with the DA’s office. Just who wrote the damn thing? I about fell over laughing when I read the appellant's brief that said the case was “at issue” since that has nothing to do with the appeal. But...since they evidently had a bunch of wannabe’s writing the damn thing, it doesn’t surprise me.

    And - is this Christa McKimmey the CDAA attorney that was supposed to be doing crimes in this county? The one who has had only a couple of years as a flunky associate with a bankruptcy firm in SACTO and absolutely no experience as an enviro prosecutor. Was she assigned to do civil work instead of being used to prosecute environmental crimes. Wanna bet she hasn’t prosecuted one enviro crime since the nice Mr. Hagen was fired for doing his job.

    Oh - this is getting real good Rose.

  4. So - Gallegos was late with his filing. Then he/someone sent part of it, but not all of it, late, then ahd to send the rest, late.

    And the court is going to tolerate this? Is Gallegos handling this? Or has he handed it off to this other attorney? If he's not doing this and he's not doing Cheri Moore, and he is not running the office, what is he doing?

    By the time he is out of office we will have paid him about a million bucks. What are we getting for out money?

  5. And to keep with the slogan, "Paying more for less," he'll also collect retirement.

  6. PVG should have let this die when he had the chance, because oral argument in front of a serious court will kill him. He can't pass this off on some newbie, this is his baby. A question one of the judges might ask, or perhaps someone in the media, on the record, on camera, no blinking:
    Mr. Gallegos, who wrote the county's papers?
    Not that you'll get a straight answer, but the response will be, well, interesting.
    But again, not as interesting as watching the surfer dude try to handle a court that actually asks questions. Yes, let's all carpool down, and let's all contribute to the kitty to buy the transcripts.

  7. This Christa McKimmy is a real hoot. Lives in a sod house off the grid and recycles her own human waste. Also is a part-time yoga instructor and an even more part-time DDA/looney tune.


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