Thursday, September 06, 2007

The man who hanged himself in his cell at the Humboldt County jail has died.

Hanged inmate dies

The man who hanged himself in his cell at the Humboldt County jail has died.

James Peters, 25, of Hoopa, was pronounced dead Thursday morning at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka.

Peters was found hanging from a bed sheet in his cell on August 29 in an apparent suicide attempt and was on life support since that time.

Public Information Officer Brenda Godsey from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, which manages the jail, said Peters’ death marks the first suicide at the jail in four years.
ER Hanged inmate dies

ER Inmate hangs himself in jail
ER Inmate who hanged himself had history of assault
TS Mother denied access, information while son on life support
TS Family of Peters fighting to see him
TS Family: Peters not expected to live
TS Peters had been battling demons for some time
TS Peters dies after hanging
ER Autopsy of hanged inmate done; other studies pending
Some members of Peters’ extended family have said they did not believe Peters killed himself.


  1. robin shelley9/06/2007 9:50 PM

    Lawsuit coming...

  2. Probably, but from someone out of town because it won't fly here.

  3. It took a whole week to get the job done? No wonder the unemployment rate on the reservation hovers at 80%.

  4. BFD. The guy worked at it hard enough.

  5. They should have taken him to Mad River Hospital. They'd have done him in in a couple days max.

  6. robin shelley9/10/2007 8:40 PM

    I understand what you're trying to say, 8:34, but Gallegos won't be in charge of this one. James Peters' family's lawyers will. And they will win. Settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, of course, but Humboldt Co. will pay.
    Is Tony Serra still alive?


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