Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In remembrance


  1. And to think that there are some Morons that think this was a government conspiracy.

    Also remember that several people jumped to their deaths to avoid being burned to death!

  2. Which is more moronic, to believe a lying president and his back-up "experts" or seek a rational explanation for why Building 7 ever fell since no plane hit yet it too collapsed demolition style just like the Twin Towers. And how do you explain the reports of explosions going off deep inside the building by eye witnesses?

    And then there's the way too small hole left in the Pentagon that a 757 supposedly flew into where the 757's wings somehow miraculously neatly fold up to make the size of the hole a cruise missile or much smaller airplane would make.

    Just look at Spielberg's War of the Wars to see what a 757 airliner crash site looks like. Nothing like the Pentagon crash site that's for sure.

    But then we're just ignorant Morons for not accepting the good government's line.

  3. I'm not buying that. These were militant islamist fanatics who will do anything they can to kill you, Stephen. Kill all of us. these are the people who saw other men's heads off on camera. These are the people who slaughter their daughters and call it "honor" killing. And they will slaughter you given a chance. It was a brilliantly simple plan. They created no suspicion, they had frequent flyer miles. They didn't have weapons to go through the metal detectors. They knew the passengers would not resist because they would expect to be hijacked and taken to Cuba... then they used the planes as missiles.

    My brother was in a meeting across the way from the Pentagon that day. Don't believe all the BS on the net.

    Anon.R.mous has some great links to the debunking sites

  4. Rose,the Christian fanatics running this country are no different.We have murdered close to half a million Iraqi's based on the lie that they were involved in the attack,yet Osama Bin Laden walks away a free man along with most of the conspirators involved in carrying out the attacks,some of which had family members flown out of the country during a time where air travel was suspended for everyone else.And last year the military essentially quit the pursuit of Bin Laden.Congress and the Bush administration knew well in advance of this plan,and they did nothing about it because they knew they would be able to use this event to catapult into a "war on terror",more aptly called"the war on Islam",and use force under the guise of peace to achieve their external objectives.They may not have been directly involved in the carrying out of the attack,but they certainly didn't care,and certainly provided them with the keys.

  5. robin shelley9/11/2007 7:49 PM

    And they've called YOU a "conspiracy theorist", Rose...

  6. I don't think I've ever called Rose a conspiracy theorist.We actually agree on many things,this obviously not being one of them.But even though I've never been into the whole bombs in the building theory, but I'd certainly like someone to explain how building #7 fell,yet 4,5,and 6 didn't.And why do all videotapes capturing it's collapse,look like a controlled demolition.If any building was blown up,it was most likely that one.
    But most importantly,I'd like as an explanation as why the administration after receiving a memo on Aug.6th 2001,titled"Bin Laden Determined To Strike In The U.S." chose to ignore it.(I'm being nice,nobody ignored it,they immediately devised plans to capitalize on the pending tragedy)

  7. Don't be sheeple, people. And don't fall for this phony war with Islam that masks a much more sinister goal which is control of the oil supply from the Middle East. Peak Oil, ring a bell out there? U.S. and European industry runs on oil and the Arab Muslims are sitting on the world's biggest supplies.

    So who benefits from a war with Arab Muslims? So who benefits from a mysterious member of one of the major oil families of the world, friends of the Bushes, who controls a mysterious band of cut-throats who use the Quran as a military manual? Hint. It is not the Arab Muslims nor the Islamic world.

    With the Communist Menace gone, what does a military-industrial alliance country do to keep justification for these gigantic military budgets that so help the economy. Why find another Communist Menace, or better yet, manufacture one, one you can easily control because its based on religious fundamentalism instead of economic/political theory plus does have a decidedly militant overtone that seems to be easily converted into wars against "infidels". You know, just like us Christians used to be before Democracy tamed our religious fanatics.

    So don't be so hasty to judge the historical place of Muslims who are being victimized externally and internally by militants using Western fear and ignorance of Islam to their benefit. Become a good nation again, and no Muslims have any cause for harming goodness. It's against their religion just like ours.

  8. I'm sorry I posted this. People died that day. People who went to work, went to lunch, went to conduct some errands, people who went in to save others, people who had families and kids and pets.

    It was felt all the way out here. For weeks afterwards the streets of Arcata were empty, it took months before the pall lifted.

    Obviously, we have learned nothing. It makes me sad.

  9. What's equally as sad is how a bunch of neocons immediately began to politicize everything they could in regards to the horrible tragedy they allowed to happen,from linking Sen.Max Cleland to Bin Laden,to calling anti-war candidates friends of the 9/11 attackers,to the Patriot Act,to innocent individuals sitting in Gitmo,without the chance of trial,to see their kids,husbands,wives,pets,friends,,,.

    Trust me Rose,I feel for every single person who has had to deal with personal loss from this.It was a horrible day.

  10. robin shelley9/12/2007 6:36 AM

    I didn't mean YOU specifically, Mresquan... I meant a general, sort of all-encompassing, paranoid "they"... usually unidentified (except for R. Trent, of course)... that's not you! Please don't take my comment personally.

  11. While I am prepared to believe a myriad of bad things about the Bush administration, it is difficult to take seriously assertions made by a person who urges me to look at a movie to see what a plane crash really looks like.

  12. As concerns the idea that the government behind the events of 9/11, is there any part of the Bush administration which cannot be described by the phrase "staggering ineptitude"? Is there any aspect of governing by Bush not marked by cronyism, willful ignorance, and a level of bumbling which makes the Keystone Kops look like the CSI team? If there are people in the governemnt capable of the sustained attention to detail which this purported plot would require, why the hell aren't they doing anything else?

  13. One of the Reopen 9-11 videos has a series of 747, 757, airline crash sites to show the difference. They look like Spielberg's movie reproduction-that's why movies fool us. Maybe governments do to. Don't be sheeple, people. Investigate the facts for yourself and don't settle for non-scientific answers such as Building 7 falling down exactly like a controlled demolition all by itself without being hit by any plane.

  14. I think you're an asshole Mark, and I want you to take it personal. I see I won't be having to wish you happy veterans day.

    And Stevie Wunda. I thought you were just a bigot! Now I learn you're a conspiracy nutjob too. Do you also believe that the "New World Order", the Trilateral Commission, and the black helicopters are out to get us? You must listen to that jr. adolph Alex Jones?

    Sorry Rose but these guys really annoy me .........

  15. Well, Stephen is a friend of mine, and yet there are these two issues on which we do not agree. I have alot of friends who hold beliefs like these with which I do not agree.

    And, there are many things that Mark and I do agree on - and a few that we do not.

    I struggle to understand it.

    I think it is clear that the islamic fundamentalists have their hearts set on destroying us - that was clear way back in the 70's, but we ignored it. It was a gnat buzzing around us. More recent events like the USS Cole and the first WTC bombing were clear signals, but they were still just annoying insects, maybe more like mosquitos - which should explain why they were ignored by so many administrations. It wasn't some big Bush conspiracy. Everyone just figured those kinds of attacks were something we had to suffer and rise above.

    9/11 was the attack by the neighbor's pit bull. Now it is clear that there is an issue. The rest of the neighborhood may not like it, but we have to eliminate that pit bull. Doesn't mean we are picking on that guy - we're not out to kill his family, but we are not going to have this pit bull roaming loose in the neighborhood biting the faces off of little kids.

    I don't know why it is more comforting to believe that it had to be your own government sending the planes into the Twin Towers than to face the truth about who did it, and to face and understand the nature of those that did it, and then to say, "NO." This we will not allow.

    I don't understand why our nation has taken to eating its own, while the wolf pack circles outside the cave door.

    I don't understand... so many things.

    But I believe this - we are the good guys. What we have, and what we stand for is the most amazing thing that has ever existed on this planet. Freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of choice - choose what you eat, choose what you wear, choose the kind of job you want, choose where you want to live, choose where you want to travel, choose your own religion - or not - you are not beholden to a feudal lord, you control your own destiny...

    I just wish everyone could step back a bit and see that big picture. We are unbelievably lucky.


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