Friday, July 04, 2014

Today's headlines: Drugs, Drugs, And More Drugs.

Happy Fourth.

If you can bear to visit the ◼ online, have at it, it's so loaded up with intrusive ads, it's not worth the time, IMO. But here's the headlines for today:


EPD's Problem Oriented Policing Unit arrested 2 suspects today on suspicion of drug-related charges (press release)

Facebook may not have obtained 'informed consent,' scientific journal says (not local)

APD: West Virginian man arrested on suspicion of arson (press release)

CHP: Motorcyclist sustained major injuries after accident last Friday (press release)

CHP: Driver taken to hospital in Chico for major injuries after his vehicle rolled over (press release)

Ferndale Police Department: Fortuna resident arrested on suspicion of drug-related charges after traffic stop (press release)

Eureka man arrested on suspicion of possession of meth, stolen property (press release)

Sheriff's office investigates suspicious device in McKinleyville

CHP look into fatal accident near Bell Springs Road (press release)

CHP investigate fatal ATV crash near Laytonville (press release)

Eureka fireworks ready for blast-off: Behind the scenes of the show


A last home in the forest: Hospice of Humboldt constructing new Eureka campus

Fortuna resident arrested on suspicion of possessing cornucopia of drugs

Two arrested in Eureka meth, heroin bust


  1. there are extensions users can download for their specific browser that stops ad's from showing up on all websites, just went to the TS site and low and behold, no intrusive ads what so ever.

  2. Non violent, victimless crimes. Americans have lost a sense of justice and liberty and its really sad. If you think its easy for a beaurocrat to come into your homes to search for herbs and pharmaceuticals, just wait and see how easy it will be for them to come into your homes and take your guns, or your kids or your bibles. People have become so conditioned to cowering to power that there will be no resistance. Certainly not from the fools who sit and cheer on the beaurocrats as they take away our liberties. Vengeance and justice are not the same thing!!!

  3. Look at Richard Mark's blog where he's got the stats for drug related deaths. Mj in at zero yet look at the prisons filled with mj convictions. This society is very sick in terms of really understanding what it's doing, ala this issue being raised here to link ALL pot related activity to crime because pot isn't the particular drug of choice and not a word said about what is, most likely alcohol, the worst of all drugs and the least criminalized or stigmatized.

    It's like the same moral myopia that propels Americans to never look at what their tax dollars really support overseas and get surprised when the victims of tax-dollar rockets and bombs fight back and win, like Vietnam, like Palestine in the future.

    1. 0 deaths from smoking. 100 from growing and selling. Hardly any prison terms for anything but marketing this shit across state lines or for a criminal profit. Fuck the grower tax evaders environment rapers.

  4. Sure Steve let us trust stats on Mark's blog. He just got hired by weed growers to organize.

    The only difference between Marks and Salzman is the last name. Both promoting growers over working people.

  5. Hermit of Livry7/04/2014 5:42 PM

    Happy Independence Day! A nation without a King, and a church without a Pope!

  6. Oh, I think I'd take Pope Francis over Obama most any day of the week.

    And hey, silly anon 2:19, where do you think workers get their jobs but from job creators? Pot growers work too you know and so would all the people in between growers and consumers. That's business. That's jobs. That's economic community support.

    Oh, and btw, I am will to let go of my California Kush Inc. to younger ambitious hands for mere scads of dough. I bake pot biscuits you see and of course Kush Cookies, that familiar brand in most stores nowadays..

  7. Steve, I think some of those Kush cookies have fried your brain.

    When we add up the damage the growers have caused environmentally, not to mention the violence, the temporary jobs they create do not add much.

    They spend a bit of money and the rest is getting hooked on and doing harder drugs.

    All they have done is rise up prices for rent, put people who make a honest living in competition with flush cash they do not pay taxes on, all to support cartels.

    You come here and bitch constantly. You are a part of the problem why young men are unemployed and the crime rate is high. You support an "economy" that just takes and takes and destroy.

    Go ahead smoke some more. As 7:51 said, you are an idiot.

  8. Says the stoop who doesn't seem to realize our pot economy is the ONLY Economy that's viable now in keeping Humboldt County going. You call me names, you are calling all Humboldt County citizens the same. Grow up and stop being an anonymous coward for a change and stand up behind your posted comments.

  9. And for the record, I mention my old California Kush Inc. of 1979 and whammo! suddenly I'm a pot grower advocating only pot growing. As if..

    I've been advocating alternative communitarian job creation since I got to Humboldt County. That is my economic promotion: Communitarian self-sufficiency technology as the way to create a sustainable economy here that can actually compete with Asians. But I know many people need to negatively stereotype others in order to feel good about themselves so go ahead, I'm used to the compliments, trophies and rewards..

  10. "Compete with Asians"? That bit of racism came out of the blue.

    Do you mean perhaps the Asian economies? I'm guessing you didn't mean Americans of Asian extraction or even "Asians", especially given our shameful local history circa 1959 and earlier.


  11. Oh please! You need to get attention any way you can, lib jon of endless motormouth postings? Post when you have something meaningful to say which should just about completely stop your commenting..

    1. Steve, follow your own advice. Your own comment applies to you more than anyone else.

  12. Hermit of Livry7/06/2014 1:54 PM

    The mob is controlled by the "Society of Jesus" and traffics the majority of drugs in America. Destroy a country, then establish your new world order on the ruins. History is repeating itself. How will you escape?

    "At this time the order of the Jesuits was created, the most cruel, unscrupulous, and powerful of all the champions of popery. Cut off from earthly ties and human interests, dead to the claims of natural affection, reason and conscience wholly silenced, they knew no rule, no tie, but that of their order, and no duty but to extend its power. (See Appendix.) The gospel of Christ had enabled its adherents to meet danger and endure suffering, undismayed by cold, hunger, toil, and poverty, to uphold the banner of truth in face of the rack, the dungeon, and the stake. To combat these forces, Jesuitism inspired its followers with a fanaticism that enabled them to endure like dangers, and to oppose to the power of truth all the weapons of deception. There was no crime too great for them to commit, no deception too base for them to practice, no disguise too difficult for them to assume. Vowed to perpetual poverty and humility, it was their studied aim to secure wealth and power, to be devoted to the overthrow of Protestantism, and the re-establishment of the papal supremacy. When appearing as members of their order, they wore a garb of sanctity, visiting prisons and hospitals, ministering to the sick and the poor, professing to have renounced the world, and bearing the sacred name of Jesus, who went about doing good. But under this blameless exterior the most criminal and deadly purposes were often concealed. It was a fundamental principle of the order that the end justifies the means. By this code, lying, theft, perjury, assassination, were not only pardonable but commendable, when they served the interests of the church. Under various disguises the Jesuits worked their way into offices of state, climbing up to be the counselors of kings, and shaping the policy of nations. They became servants to act as spies upon their masters.

  13. Latest News: Republicans qivering in fear in Israel..

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
    Elephants at Israeli zoo huddle to protect young as sirens wail

    The poor elephants, captured by Israelis to stock their zoo so the foreign invaders have the comforts of European and American lifestyle unavailable to Palestinians due to their being on the wrong side of Zionism and not worthy of American dollars or military weaponry that Israelis get as America's biggest sucker of our tax dollars going to help foreign countries, Israel's share outstripping EVERY other countries American aid by billions of dollars each year. Without America, Israel would fold politically and economically overnight. Americans pay Israelis to create racist "for Jews only" settlements displacing the native peoples. Ain't Republicanism grand for Zionists and a shame for the rest of us.


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