Monday, July 07, 2014


Today was the day to decide whether to sever the Ferrer case(s) - try the defendants as one or separately...

Ferrer jury trial date of August 4 vacated based on request by defense - John Chiv/Words Worth
New date will be set on July 21st. Defense has not received discovery essential to the case and that they also need to provide to expert witnesses. In Juan Ferrer's case and Sophie Rocheleau's case, two expert witnesses schedules also impacted the decision.
Motion to sever Ferrer, Stoiber and Rocheleau cases temporarily on hold until July 21st - John Chiv/Words Worth
District Attorney Paul Gallegos opposed the motion to sever each case.
Gallegos gets a bit of a dress down in defense's oral arguments before the court today in Ferrer case

Gallegos's decision to edit, leave out statements in Ferrer case was called incorrect by defense counsel, Benjamin Okin who represents Sophie Rocheleau and he was told to listen to interviews by Ms. Jennifer Dixon, who represents Nicholas Stoiber.

Mr. Gallegos suggested that statements implicating other co-defendants could simply be excluded and redacted and this was challenged by all three defense counsel.

"I think Mr. Gallegos incorrectly purports..."
said Mr. Okin. He said that Mr. Gallegos thinks by changing pronouns from we to I cannot prevent the reason all three defense counsel are requesting cases to be severed.

"These statements cannot be carved out by scapel," said Mr. Okin. "It is not possible to not use the statements in their entirety. Without the statements of the three defendants, there is no case. The only way to proceed is to sever all three cases"

So, if the media shows up for the case when the race was on, but not after - then who was politicizing the case? The candidates? Or the media?

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