Thursday, July 03, 2014

"I don't want to wait 6 weeks"

Vincent Sanchez disposition continued after he argues with his attorney in court - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/2/14
(Vincent Sanchez, the double murder suspect from the Harris Street murders) - His attorney Ms. Dixon wanted an additional 6 weeks so that an expert from UC Davis would be available. That expert witness is not available until the first week of August. Sanchez did not want to waive time for his preliminary hearing....The disposition hearing has been continued for another week so Ms. Dixon can privately talk with Sanchez and see if he still wants to move forward before the six weeks.
Vincent Sanchez'd record requested from Metropolitan State Hospital - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/2/14

Given the disarray in the DA's Office, wouldn't you demand an immediate trial? They don't have time to get their case together.

Reason #2 why it's a great time to be a criminal in Humboldt County these days.

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