Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scooped again :)

Humboldt County Jury finds CalTrans and California Department of Parks and Recreation liable for dangerous condition of public property

A Humboldt County jury today found CalTrans and California Department of Parks and Recreation liable for maintaining a dangerous condition of public property at the intersection between State Highway 36 and Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park. The available sight distance for drivers exiting the park is less than half of what is required in CalTrans' Highway Design Manuals. The dangerous intersection caused the death of a local MCKinleyville man when the car his wife was driving was struck by a truck driving past the park three years ago on July 12, 2011....


  1. Good job, but just for accuracy's sake, the jury found the deceased to be 60% at fault, meaning the $1,534,000 verdict was reduced on the spot to $613,600.

    The lawyers probably took 40% of the award...leaving the poor widow with only $368,160.

  2. Anon, why should we take your word regarding accuracy?

    Here is a case, a positive ending for an injustice and all you can do is piss and whine.

    People like you are the ones dragging this County down.

    Thanks for the link, Rose.

  3. Anon 2:41, shouldn't the lawyers get paid? How about the poor widow who wouldn't have gotten ANYTHING without her lawyers?

    Anon 4:09, Chiv reported that the Plaintiff was 60 percent at fault. The verdict gets reduced right then and there so it ISmisleading to describe the result as a 1.5 million dollar verdict. Lighten up. 2:41 might not like lawyers but a 40 percent fee for going to trial is typical, as is the reduction he or she described based on apportionment of fault.

  4. 7:18 misleading is a strong word. I think some lawyers or people reading this blog have their issues with anything Chiv writes.

    Take your own advice and lighten up. The point is Cal Trans was at fault not terminology minutia.


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