Monday, July 28, 2014

So much for the idea that The Times-Standard will EVER do any decent reporting when it comes to Paul Gallegos.

District attorney displeased with attorney staffing ratio - Will Houston, shame on you for letting him get away with this drivel.









Alternate Title: Paul Gallegos just realized he lost more than half his staff, and has a ton of unfilled positions just sitting there open, blames everyone else for his failure to do his job, reporter buys it, hook, line and sinker.


  1. I agree !!!!!!

    PVG has F'd up the DA's office so bad he decided not to run again, because the office is near collapsing. The fault is PVG's and PVG's alone.

    Nobody really believes the story about wanting to spend more time with his family.

  2. cranky old woman

    someone PLEASE give her a hug today

  3. I think he knew he would lose this election. There were way too many screw ups to overcome against a viable opponent. PVG is what you get when you elect a defense minded attorney to the position of DA. He had little or no supervisorial or management experience prior to being elected. He won because voters were tired of the old guard.

  4. Well, it's nice he's showing his true colors right to the end. As is the T/S. PVG singlehandedly ruined that office, and the T/S was essentially complicit, remaining silent and failing to investigate or report on what was common knowledge around the courthouse. That is, when it wasn't actually cheerleading for the surfing DA.

  5. If you're going to be used as a stooge to manipulate public opinion vis-a-vis the upcoming sales tax initiative, you're going to need a better poster boy than the one who has MISUSED, and MISMANAGED the money we already gave him.

    And to adopt a sanctimonious tone that somehow the people don't have their priorities straight - it's unforgivable.

    I'm embarrassed for Will, and for Kimberly, both of whom should know better.

    Before running this piece, can you think of a couple of questions you should have asked?

  6. Paul gets paid 13, 1666 a month which is 157,992 a year.

    The taxpayers have been shafted at that amount for 12 years.

  7. So Fleming has already said she continue his legacy of just 15 DDAs. We will see how many care to work in that environment.

  8. back in the day, the finest group of prosecutors ever assembled in a small DA's office "cared" to work in "that environment". If ANYONE can reprise that kind of dedication, it's Fleming.

  9. I hope you're right 4:37, but bubblegum and shoestring only goes so far. I really hope Maggie decides to make an effort and mentor the young DDA's. She's got a lot to teach and a lot of experience to impart.

    I like Maggie, quite a bit, but the one part of her platform that just bugged me was the fact that she claimed to actively mentor the less experienced DDA's. It just didn't happen.

    During the campaign, Dollison compared his experience (with funding) at the DA's office here versus what the DA's office in Amador County got. Point being, other counties believe in the value of a well-funded DA's office. We here, apparently, do not. That's not a PVG problem--that's a Humboldt problem.

    There is enough stuff about which we can be legitimately critical of need to overreach.

  10. 4:47 the election is over. No need to keep campaigning for Maggie.

    The Humboldt problem is electing District Attorneys based on emotion. Maggie has shown nothing so far to indicate she is a leader.

    She claimed she can fix the office. Let her show if she deserves money. She is already making excuses. We elected Gags number 2.

  11. 4:47 - Don't repeat the lies. Paul's failure to adequately maintain the office, and the grants cannot be spun into accusing the people of this county of not caring, or of having anything to do with the mess he created.

    ALTHOUGH, perhaps you could argue that they cared so little that they re-elected this incompetent boob how many times? You're fond of telling us how many times, so have at it, this is the appropriate time to bring it up... repeat after me, the people of Humboldt County cared so little abot the DAs Office that they continually elected the man who ran it into the ground for them. The man who lost all of their competent prosecutors. The man who lost all the grants that were funding the people's office of justice. The man who the Grand Jury warned them knew next to nothing about running the office.

    And now you want them to fork over MORE money?


    You blew it. And you spun it, but you can't cover it up anymore.

    It's imploding. He has his little arsenal, and his Carharrt vests, but he can't even get transcripts together when he has months to do so.

    Paul Gallegos has no business lecturing anyone.

  12. As a number of very accomplished lawyers stated in print, Ms. Fleming is a fine and dedicated mentor. Whether she can find people as good as the ones Humboldt had, and whom Paul ran off, is another matter. There's a stink on the office. Law schools, law students, and DA's in other counties know it. No one has anything good to say about working in Humboldt. But if anyone can fix it, given time, given a little support from the supervisors, it's Fleming. She's going to be our DA, and everyone SHOULD want our DA, and our DA's office, to succeed. It's best for us all. So let's all put the past in the past, look forward, and work together for better times.

  13. I agree, 7:36.

    AND, Maggie should take heed of the comments noting that outreach to the people in the office is important and necessary, right NOW. Her job has really already begun.

    AND, honestly, for the good of the office, Paul needs to step down. Return to Gallegos and Gallegos, knowing he can leave the office to competent hands... they'll even quote him on that, as if he cares.

  14. Rose, please step away from the caps lock....slowly....slowly....that's's going to be ok....

    1. liberal jon step away and stop stalking Rose.

      Better yet go campaign for Natalie and Kim. I want to see them lose and join you in the biggest loser seat.

  15. Maggie is going to be great, a real breath of fresh air. Not to say she doesn't have a real struggle with the mess she will assume control over.

  16. 10:14 I really hope that is the case.

  17. Rose, I really wish you would take down your pro-racist genocidal blog promotion, Legal Insurrection. What Israelis are doing will go down in history as blatant racist genocide. Hitler's Nazis always accused the resisters of their occupation forces of being "terrorists" but history recorded who were the real terrorists. This is a racist war Israeli Jews are conducting pitting essentially European-Jews (Jewish convert descendants) against Arab Gentiles with the Europeans armed to the teeth with American made weapons and American funding for their operations. Hamas is the equivalent of the French Resistance Fighters and to blame the resistance to fascist aggression for the ways they fight back with what little they have is just more compounded immorality of the fascist aggressors.

    This whole attack on Gaza was pre-planned as Israel wants Gaza added to its theft. Zionists Jews always want the best things and Gaza prior to its being made into the world's biggest prison was a beautiful place, seaside resorts, and Israelis want it. They want it all for Europeans repeating the same European racist taking of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, all of Africa, and all done with force of arms and no democracy. Same deal with the establishment of Israel and this time the natives are fighting back with slightly better weapons.

    Please, Rose, think about your actions supporting racism and terrorism and genocide of innocent civilians. And please do not dare to blame Palestinians for the ways they fight back against Zionist brainwashed Americans like you with no consciences for Arab peoples, only for Europeans no matter how badly they behave as colonial monsters.

  18. What Israel is doing cannot be tolerated by any American because we are Responsible for it. We are funding and arming IDF and have been for decades. We are responsible for killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian Civilians, as the toll mounts up and U.S.A. citizens are silent about what their Zionist front is doing to Arab peoples. Please demand our government stop economic and arms supply to Israel at once to force them to stop their genocidal war against Palestinians.

    Boycott every Israeli made product and I will start a list of such that we commonly purchase. These people are monsters and must be stopped from provoking WW III. I am talking about Zionists and U.S., us, folks, us.

  19. Why is Mr. Lewis allowed to post his spittle-flecked, off-topic, hate-filled rants?

    There is no reasoning with him or his ilk, so what's the point?

  20. Stephen, Israel is forced to protect itself. Peaceful Palestinians must denounce and oust Hamas leadership who not only do not protect their own people, they put them in harms way. Do you not see the bombs in UN schools? And the Un gives the bombs to the Palestinians when they 'discover' them.

    The Palestinians culture is sick and murderous. They create NOTHING except suicide vests.

    We've discussed this before, and I fail to understand your support for this.

    I do understand your feelings and support for the people you know, who have nothing to do with the ugliness, except for excusing and condoning Hamas.

    But for now, they only agree to a ceasefire to get cover to bring in more weapons, they dug tunnels and were plannign to attack Israel during holiday, but they want a cease fire for their own holiday.

    You should not be supporting a death cult.

  21. I have to accuse you of being a fascist racist then, Rose, with no understanding or compassion for people being invaded and occupied by Nazi Jews. You have no idea what living in Gaza is like nor do you care to learn which is worse.

    I am disgusted with your lack of morality, Rose. You probably never understood the Vietnam War either and probably would side with the American killer apes there too as they killed and killed and killed innocent Vietnamese who did exactly what Pals do, hide within their populations as they have no other choice, Rose. Get it? They are targeted no matter where they live, go, be, meaning their families are targets too. I don't want to have to chastise you in public but you have gone too far now with your support of fascist killers of innocent Palestinians. Please quit it and get ethical conscience for victims of genocide!

  22. People, America is guilty of supporting genocide of Palestinians. Israeli Jews from Europe are conducting a genocidal war against Palestinian Gentile Arabs and they are doing with our American money and our American weaponry. We are going to go down in history now as supporters of Jewish Nazi genocide of Palestine and Palestinians. Our country is controlled by Zionists and if we let Zionists continue to conduct their genocide of Palestinian Gentile Arabs we have lost our nation to Jewish fascist 5th Columnists working for Israel and not America's interests.

    I have been right about Israel for too many decades now to let friends be bamboozled by Zionist racist propaganda aimed at dehumanizing Palestinians so they can be killed without remorse.

    Please, Rose, look at the dead Palestinian children you are helping to kill by supporting their killers.

  23. It's time to permanently bar this ranting loon.

  24. Stephen, you better listen to the interviews with the son of the has founder.

    Find out who's killing kids.

  25. Rose is not helping anyone to kill anybody you disgusting pig, you Stephen.

    How rude, you should be ashamed of yourself you ignorant &^%%.

  26. It's a friendship breaker, Rose. You are deliberately promoting Zionist racist killers killing innocent children at U.N. centers now and I won't be part of it. You've crossed the moral line for me because you know I have Palestinian friends who are in agony over what's going on to their Gaza citizenry and the fact that this country is so God-damned morally blind like you because of what? 65 years of media and film and TV pounding out the message Arabs are evil terrorists and unworthy of human rights of WHITE PEOPLE, Europeans. European-descended peoples who are allowed to do whatever they want to non-European peoples and get away with it. That's your same attitude towards Native Americans, Rose. To you, they are just lazy bums on the doll and why be "Native Americans" anyway, and not Americans, i.e. Europeans like you and I, speaking our European language and our European cultures and our Old World religions. I.E accept genocide as a given and move on. That's what you and Americans like you want Palestinians to do too but they don't want to accept genocide and move on...out of Palestine to make room for the last batch of European racists using their money and weapons to go in and fuck up non-European lives and steal their land. It ended in South Africa, Rose, it will end for Israel too as no one going to accept Apartheid racism in our 21st Century. You're a moral dinosaur now and don't know it. Time to grow some wings and look down at what you're doing to support racist killers of innocents in the way of the Israeli version of Manifest Destiny. Racist genocidal recipe no longer acceptable in civilized world, Rose. No removal of Legal Insurrection means you chose politics over friendship. Your moral choice.

  27. And don't any of you come back at me with that crap about "Oh their the one's killing so murderously.." as the responsible party for all the killing are the people who provoked it in the first place by invading Palestine under ruse of U.N. Partition, a pure criminal act of the Western powers to gain access to Middle East oil via Israel establishment as a European outpost colony for Europeans and European-Americans.

    The racist European invaders do not get to set the rules for how their victims fight back. Bottom Line.

  28. Bottom line, Stevie is totally WHACK.

    Where does he come up with this stuff, this hate? "The racist European invaders" ????????????? This is crazy, that is truly the bottom line.

  29. Sorry to get back to topic, but I'm curious, how many Deputy DAs are there? How does that compare to say Mendo or other rural counties? Looking at some of the older posts, it does seem as if there has been a turnover of more than 100% since Paul took office (i.e. no DDA who was there in 2003 is still there, and many of the DDAs who replaced them have also left.) That seems unusual.

  30. Who's more wacky? Rose's teapublican nonsense, or Stephen's Palestinian rantings?

    Both of you need to get on the meds pronto.

  31. @ 8:09 am. Max Cardoza still works for the office as a Retired Annuitant. Stacy Eads works as the Juvenile Prosecutor. They were both there prior to Paul and were the only to survive his reign. More interesting is that Ms. Fleming left in late 2011 not that long ago, and NONE (with the exception of Ms. Neel) that she worked with under Gallegos are still there. So yes Paul actually ran off 2 entire sets of prosecutors. First, those he inherited from Farmer. He also ran off all of the attorneys that he hired. If I were any of those newbies who are still left, I would be reaching out to Ms. Fleming, right now. Or vice versa, or you will have a GREATER train wreck in January then anyone could possibly imagine. It is truly a great time to be a criminal in Humboldt county right now.

    1. Actually, it should be Ms. Fleming reaching out to the staff left and reassuring them that they will not be fired in January.

    2. Unless they are going to be fired in January.

    3. Then that will only prove that she is petty and incompetent.
      Some deserve to be fired. Those that supported Arnie slime.

      Others have been doing a good job under idiot Gags.

  32. 11:54 nailed it with " It is truly a great time to be a criminal in Humboldt county right now."

  33. "Gaza UN shelter attack 'totally unacceptable' - White House"

    Rose, you made your choice for politics above morality and friendship and lost a friend with your bargain with the devil.

  34. Oh, this just in, The White House says Hamas is just upset about some video . . . .

  35. Stephen, good people do not strap suicide vests - BOMBS - to their teenagers and send them out to pizza parlors to blow up innocent men, women and children - the kind of behavior that started this.

    Good societies do not put bombs and missiles in their childrens' schools. Good governments protect their women and children, not put them out as shields to protect their bombs and missile depots (ie: schools).

    Keep it up, and there will be suicide/murder bombs detonated in US restaurants, and you'll be seeing another holocaust, which we are already seeing bloom. The Jewish people have suffered enough already. They have a right to defend themselves. period. Again, Stephen, if the palestiniansditch Hamas and the rest of the murderers, and lay down their arms, there will be peace for a thousand years, maybe more. You know this.

  36. Rose, Good People do not go invade another people's land and steal it away using LIES to the world to do so, using the world's biggest Bully country to do so, using our money and weapons to do so. Good People don't do these things, Rose.

    You were probably a supporter of the Vietnam War where exactly the same desperation tactics using civilians were employed by the people who were being bombed to death by us carpet bombing maniacs, all of us doing this as RACISTS, Rose, look at your skin color and your ethnic roots to see that Europeans have been going around the world trying to steal it away from non-Europeans. They did this for 500 years in the Americas, in India, in Australia, N.Z, Africa. Everywhere white skinned Europeans went they conducted racial genocide of darker skinned peoples.

    Because you're totally ignorant of Palestinian history, real history, not Zionist propaganda garbage, and ignorant of the Bible being exposed by archeologists as merely Hebrew myths of origin without any historical foundation or truth to them, meaning there was never any Abraham giving any Deed to Canaan to Hebrews. Never happened. Greater Israel, never was anything more than a collection of tent and mud hovel dwellers that existed as a less than 300 year blip in history between greater civilizations coming into Canaan and taking control of it, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Britain, and America for all intents and purposes as Israel would ousted very soon if not for America playing Big Bully to its and Europe's European Colony placed to seize control of Middle East Muslim nations.

    You are a racist, Rose, and I am done with friendship with racists who are endangering our nation by letting fascist Zionists control our country's foreign policy. I stand for non-racist, non-fascist aggressor America. What do you stand for, Rose? Israel fascists and land stealers? Don't bother posting Zionist propaganda about horrible the victims of Israeli Nazis are because they will do anything to get rid of the foreign invaders. I should know you have a bloodlust like so many Republicans do when it comes to making wars against darker skinned peoples. Your kind are moral dinosaurs who haven't learned anything important about democracy and human rights as you deny Palestinians those important things by siding with, by promoting Zionist fascist killer apes. I should have known you would choose politics over friendship when you removed the link to my blog. Politics and morality are often at odds so you've made your choice and I can't and won't be any part of it.

  37. Now can you please block this little Goebbels? Please?

  38. There needs to be a mass education program to get Americans up to speed on why most all of the world condemns Israel as a racist society denying human rights and democracy to Palestinians while conducting a continuous ethnic cleansing war to remover Gentile Arab Palestinians from their homeland to let Jewish Europeans take control of it. Americans have been bombarded for decades by Zionist control of American movies, TV, educational venues, to deny Palestinian history being taught that counters Zionist propaganda aimed at dehumanizing Palestinians.

    The Muhammadans don't help because they thrive in hostility as that is Muhammad's real religion, another constant Abrahamic warfare manual guaranteed to create problems with non-Muslims. But instead of being objective and neutral party to these Abrahamic religionists, America sided with the European Zionists in their Crime Against Humanity, the creation by complete FRAUD of world citizens using the U.N. to do so to split Palestine in two so that European Jews could get their hands on it "legally". "Legally" meaning the U.N. Charter protecting the Right of Self-Determination was trashed in the Partition of Palestine where not a single Palestinian was ever consulted or voted on the ruination of their country allowing foreign European invasion and occupation to occur.

    History will prove my stance is the correct and moral one just as history proved my opposition to local environmental Timber War proved correct. Israel is a moral nightmare, a monstrosity of the last fling of European racist colonization of the world. It will not last and Palestinians will once again have their land back as the rightful citizenry. Most of you don't know that dna proves Palestinians are the real descendants of the ancient Hebrews and so in grand hideous irony, we have European racists claiming to be "Semites" killing and destroying real Semitic peoples who are really the descendants of real Semitic Hebrews.

    Boycott all Israel made products.

  39. You want to talk about who is killing 'dark skinned peoples' - you better watch what ISIS is doing. Stop blaming the US. You want to talk about bloodlust, look at the dock covered in the blood of innocent teenagers who were rounded up and massacred. NOT ONLY do they kill them, they happily videotape it for your enjoyment. And that's the last word on this topic. The people killing 'brown people' are brown people. Point blank range, mass graves.We've seen this evil before.

  40. Yes, we have. 500 years of it here in America. It's the natural by-product of European racists running around the world fucking it up for money extraction, Rose. You share the moral myopia of so many European-American racists who NEVER stop to think about HOW and WHY the peoples attacked in non-European lands by Europeans seeking their land and every extractable resource on it that can make money REACT to this invasion and theft. They are not sophisticated people which is precisely why Europeans could take their lands and enslave so many dark skinned peoples. They fight back with primitive methods and primitive weaponry. You dare blame the victims of European racist aggressors for RESISTING killer ape racist asshole European men and the women like you who turn a blind eye to the history of what your ethnic group is doing in the world. That is moral cowardice, Rose, and I am really ashamed for you being such a moral coward and not facing the terrible ideology you've developed that allows you to promote recognized racists, recognized International Law breakers, recognized genocidal ethnic-cleansing EUROPEANS again trying to steal another non-European land.

    You lost a friend because you can't face your morally primitive racist ideas about darker skinned people. I side with humanity and you side with killer apes in human form. Both sides, Rose, because you can't see or understand why ISIS extremists are the by-products of Europeans fucking up the Middle East, Europeans based in Israel acting for European-Americans and Europeans against Middle East Arab peoples. And we all know why this is occurring as we drive our very many SUVs and run our factories.

    ISIS is your American Zionist by-product of Israeli (European and European-American invasion) destabilization of surrounding Arab nations. Zionists are as paranoid crazies as any Muslim, Rose, and you don't know it because you can't see white people doing wrong when there's darker skinned people to blame. What the world needs to fear is the Zionist Masada/Jonestown/Waco/ mindset of religious fanatics armed with nukes. You never stop to think about the historical situation of a bunch of Europeans invading, first as colonists, then as terrorists in Israel Before the Partition which legitimized the European terrorist gangs who went on to become Prime Ministers of Israel. You don't see this history of the worst kinds of Europeans coming in as invaders or sons and daughters of European invaders getting their hands on European weaponry and then the wonderful America to fund their racist goal of getting rid of Gentile Arabs from Palestine.

    I am sorry to lose what could have been a good friendship but there's no friendship in you for me when you deliberately choose to attack my Palestinian friends by supporting Zionist fascists trying to kill them and their families and take their land.

  41. What did you think I would REACT when you know I had just recently reported on my blog how IDF came into my friends land and peace activist eco-village teaching community to bulldoze down 1500 olive and fruit trees on their land and install martial law takeover of it because the Israelis have coveted that 100 acres for decades for a for Jews only illegal settlement. You play politics with your friends, Rose, and you will lose them. Wake up.

  42. Unfortunately, nothing we think, say or feel about it will change anything. If it did, there would be no strife, no bombings, no kidnappings, and no suicide vests, no need for Iron Dome, no need for bomb shelters. there would be prosperity, commerce, agriculture, and genuine creative endeavors. A Constitution and Bill Of Rights like ours, and the ability to live side-by-side, regardless of ethnicity or religious beliefs, just as we have here. Count our blessings, we have the freedom to discuss this, to disagree vehemently, and to live free. I wish this for them - ALL.

  43. Mr. Lewis's beloved freedom fighters:
    Hamas shot some 20 Palestinians on Monday night for protesting against Hamas for the massive destruction inflicted on their neighborhood in Sajaia by the IDF in the past weeks, Channel 10 reported on Tuesday.

  44. If you only did, Rose, if you only. Say that Constitution protecting our Bill of Rights which include democratic representation in governing ourselves? Well, your Zionist European racists like you decided Arabs weren't worthy of such "blessings" of European white people. So they got NO SAY in the Partition of Palestine, zip. No democracy for them. Just their country split in to two unequal portions with most of it going to European Jewish convert descendants without a shred of ancestral connection to Palestine. This was a Crime Against Humanity and you don't see it because you are a European racist who judges against darker skinned peoples when they fight back against your type of white racists taking their land and killing them.

    One day your grandkids will tell you how you let European racist values take hold of your morality to make you morally blind to evil being done to darker skinned peoples.

  45. Rose can live with herself supporting genocide but this Muslim minister couldn't.

    'I just couldn't live with myself': Muslim Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi explains why she has quit in protest at Government's 'morally indefensible' policy on Gaza
    Senior minister of state posts her resignation statement on Twitter
    Tells Cameron refusal to stand up to Israel threatens Britain's reputation

    Last night she played central role in WWI ceremony in Westminster Abbey

    Move puts pressure on David Cameron over response to Israeli attacks

    Prime Minister is on holiday in Portugal with his family this week
    Downing Street says PM 'regrets' her decision to stand down
    Boris Johnson says Warsi quitting is 'very sad' and predicts she'll be back

    PUBLISHED: 03:26 EST, 5 August 2014 | UPDATED: 08:56 EST, 5 August 2014

    Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi today dramatically resigned in protest at the government's 'morally indefensible' policy on Gaza.
    The first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet posted a message on Twitter announcing she 'can no longer support Govt policy on Gaza'.

    And in an extraordinary resignation letter, also posted online, she claimed she could not 'live with myself' for the decisions she was being asked to support.

    The loss of the former Tory party chairman will put pressure on David Cameron, who has refused to say whether Israel's actions in Gaza are 'criminal'. In a statement posted on her Twitter feed, she said: 'With deep regret I have this morning written to the Prime Minister & tendered my resignation. I can no longer support Govt policy on Gaza.'

    War Crimes, Rose, war crimes, that's what you and all Americans like you who side with European Jewish racial warfare against Palestinian Arabs, are supporting. War Crimes. War Criminals.

  46. Actually, it's moral imbecility that propels Americans like Rose to support fascists invaders. I mean, plain common sense tells you that Israel has NO Business in Gaza or the West Bank. These are Palestinian territories so of course when Israelis invade and occupy and blockade Palestinians in Palestinian territory, of course they will fight back. Only moral cretins think the victims of armed aggression and occupation should lie down and take it yet moral cretinism is what dominates American response to genocide of Arab Palestinians. European White People can do no wrong when they kill darker skinned non-Europeans because the darker skinned people always deserve it for being in the way of European white people and making trouble when European white people want their land for European style development to make another European white peoples colonial state run by European white peoples in non-European lands.

    That Era of European imperialist colonization ended with the return of South Africa to South Africans except Europeans are reluctant to give up theirs and American-European Zionists last European white people's colony: Because of ALL THAT OIL Europe and America needs..moral cretins run oil companies, run our government and teach moral cretinism to Americans because it makes SO MUCH MONEY for the Super Rich, with the world's richest ethnic minority group well established among them.

  47. One would like to observe Mr. Lewis in a cagematch discussion with his intellectual and moral equal- Adolf Hitler. A couple more posts, and Steve will have his own Mein Kampf ready to put together. Maybe Louis Farrakhan could moderate. Moderate. Good one.

  48. Spoken like a true moral cretin, anonymous supporter of Jewish fascists conducting their genocidal war. My record of standing with the right side at the end of the day shows that you're chances of your slimeball slander against those of us repulsed by Zionist killer apes loose in the world with American weapons coming out ahead without the U.N. condemnation of Israel and War Crimes investigation commencing soon against Israel's actions in Gaza are nil. I stand for humanitarian concern while you back remorseless racist killers of innocent children. You're just plain sick.

  49. Jawohl, mein fuhrer. You are a racist anti-Semitic thug with a keyboard, a Joseph Goebbels for our time. And like your heroes- Goebbels, Bormann, Heydrich- you will disappear and blow away with the ashy detritus of history, less than the dust beneath the chariot wheels of time.

  50. Oh Steve, your mirror is calling: People who are narcissists are almost proud of the fact. You can ask them directly because they don’t see narcissism as a negative quality – they believe they are superior to other people and are fine with saying that publicly,”

  51. Eric the racist Zionist is censoring anti-Zionist comments again. Here's one he missed:

    What a bunch of Bullshit, Eric! You have no connections to Palestinians as you are a Zionist immoral pig like the rest of your Zionist Jewish friends who are RACIST crazies thinking that European religious racists can always get away with murder and stealing other people's land in the 21st Century. You and Rose and all your Zionist believers are still in the 19th century thinking white people can go anywhere they want to and mess up peoples lives. God the world will be better off when your type of blind racist disappears.

    And before you parade your Zionist shill ignorance of history of Jews (see Shlomo Sands to correct all your historical information that you blindly accept from Jewish fascists who have lied throughout this whole business with Palestine and you fall for their lies not taking any objective stance about Zionism, just swallowing Zionist propaganda all the way through.

    You do it because it's "politcally correct" in Humboldt County where Progressives are out of sync with fellow Progressives in the Bay Area, (one notices Eric NOT posting his usual Bay Area promos these days as they are not supporting his Zionist shill line here. But Zionists Progressives do support it here like Mitch. These two, Eric and Mitch will stop dialogue about Palestine when they can control the conversation because they don't care about Palestinians as human beings. European Jews can steal their land and kill them and its OK because European Jews have suffered so much from European Gentiles. And taking it out on Arab Palestinians with zero guilt for European treatment of Europeans is OK too. They're just Arabs after all..

    Eric, you need to talk to local Palestinians and get your head out of your ass. Such as thinking you posting this complete LIE that "nobody in the region is promoting" the idea of a Single Democractic State. One Google search should counter that Zionist lie you spout. There are many Palestinians working on a Single Democratic State Constitution as Democracy, real democracy, will end the Israeli occupation and takeover of Palestine that was done by criminal breaking of the U.N. Charter protecting the right of self-determination of indigenous populations.

    Without talking to real Palestinians, you will never understand that they have virtually the same mindset as did the Vietnamese whose country was a political pawn for centuries. Get Out of Our Country! Either Israelis recognize they will never get away with destruction of Palestine to create a European Yiddish Khazarian kingdom in place of Palestine. Palestinians will wait Israelis out with sure knowledge of out-populating the European Jews even in Israel and there goes "Israel" as democracy crushes the Zionist invaders dream of creating another European colony out of non-European lands. Remember my prediction rate, Zionists, and know that a Single Democratic State is coming for the Holy Land problem. Here is the religious prediction of the Single State Constitution at:

  52. Rose is censoring my posts now too so I had to post anonymously to get past her block on my name. Zionist shills are coming out of the woodwork now showing their true colors as European racists without conscience for the acts of European racist Israelis killing innocent Palestinians by the hundreds and not caring one bit about it. Just like here..

  53. Someone please give Stephen Lewis a hug

  54. I'm not censoring your posts/comments.

  55. "Jordan 'refuses' Palestinians fleeing Syria conflict
    Jordan is turning away Palestinian refugees from Syria in violation of international law, the New York-based"

    Here's proof of one of the major lies Zionists spread about Palestinians not being Palestinians but "homeless Arabs", Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, anything but Palestinians.

    The Jordanians would accept Palestinians as Jordanians if they were but the Jordanians don't want them. The Lebanese don't want them. The Syrians don't want them. Now why would that be if they were all "Jordanians or Lebanese or Syrians and not Palestinians as Zionist say invading a "land without a people" as Twain's myth goes.

    If this post then you're not censoring me. I couldn't get my post in under my name on the 5th.

  56. This action, btw, is blatant U.S. racial warfare being conducted by Zionists running our nation and pitting European colonial aggressors and occupiers against Arab Palestinians protecting their homeland against European land thieves and murderers and jailers without remorse of innocent Palestinian children, women and non-combatants.

    "U.S. funding Zionist racist warfare against Palestinian Arabs.Obama Signs Law Providing $225 Million for Israel's Iron Dome"

    Where are the funds from the U.S. protecting Palestinians from our weapons given to Israeli war criminals to kill Palestinian innocent children? Facebook Stephen Lewis anytime now and see my friend Mazin Qimseyeh's running photos of Palestinian children being killed and maimed by OUR weapons. We are ACCOUNTABLE morally for what Israel is doing as a rogue nation breaking international laws continually and now once again conducting major racial genocidal war against Gaza Palestinians.

  57. Rose and Stephen are the PERFECT match

  58. Anonymoose 10:31 and Joan are the PERVERT MATCH:

    Joan Rivers: 'Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead' and now was forced to apologize to all her Facebook friends she lost saying that Zionist moral cretin statement held silently by so many Americans who listened to the real anti-Semitism running in the background of most all Hollywood and New York entertainment industry folks. Real anti-Semitism is hate speech and acts directed to harm real Semitic peoples, e.g. Palestinians and not phony Khazarian Jewish convert descendants pretending to be "Semites". .

  59. Stephen and Joseph Goebbels are the perfect match. Pick a big lie, keep telling it.


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