Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bodhi Tree gamechangers? W/Updates

"When someone is killed, it has nothing to do with me getting out early" - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14
Williams explained why people in and out of custody come to him with information. Ms. Holmquist tried to paint him as a snitch wanting personal benefit. Both on cross and redirect, Williams came across as someone whose tips to the Sheriff's office and DA's office have led to discovery of a body and arrest of three suspects in one case; another case in which Williams wore a wire and was supposed to catch an inmate who raped his wife confessing he was planning to plot to have someone kill her.

Williams said he was going to testify whether he had an immunity agreement or any plea deal in his case because "what he (Tree) did was hideous." Williams said Tree killed a 'child", referring to Christina.
The never ending jury trial; Tree case to definitely go into next week - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/29/14

Williams testifies Tree allegedly said, "I am going to beat this shit and get the fuck out of here" and "I am tired of these faggot woods" - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/25/14
"Because that is your opinion, not mine" Losey sets Holmquist straight on cross - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/25/14

Defense tactic on cross of Brannon backfires in Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/24/14
Another jail inmate confirms Tree admission about threat and shooting Rhett August - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/24/14

From the "hood" to a business management courses at CR, the journey of one criminal who got "saved" by Christ - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/23/14
Brannon alleges Tree said "I'm going to beat this case" and get out - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/23/14
Brannon also alleges that Tree said he would shoot Brannon in the head and not make the same mistake he did with Rhett.
"I got something for you guys, I'll be right back" - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/23/14
Brannon also said initially he did not talk to police because he was in a gang and you do not snitch. Ms. Firpo brought this up because at the April preliminary hearing Brannon denied anything about a fight.

Even though he was offered immunity in April, but then he got saved, became a Christian and got out of the political structure and had a "change of heart." Reading the Bible, he dropped out of the gang and wanted to change his life. He did not want to be part of the "prison political structure"; the gang. A cellmate in Humboldt County jail was the one who gave him the Bible, but Brannon was already thinking of telling the truth before this and he wrote to the DA saying he wanted to cooperate. He also sent a letter addressed to District Attorney Paul Gallegos. This was on April 2014 before the 402 hearings....
July 3 tip given to only me re Tree makes sense after today's testimony - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/22/14
Best estimate: Bodhi Tree trial estimated to conclude this Friday or by July 28 - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/22/14

Bodhi Tree Trial jury trial on break until Tuesday - John Chiv/Words Worth 7/9/14
Murder suspect led a troubled life of crime - Paul Mann/Mad River Union 7/9/14

Bodhi Tree Murder Trial: DAILY UPDATES, running record.


  1. When does this "media" coverage of these trials become a public trial. John and Rose, knowing a little about your proclivity to assume you own neutrality politically, when does your "reporting" on ongoing trials become something of a pubic trial with your own inherent biases?

    A) Never
    B) Possibly sometimes
    C) Most of the time
    D) Always

    That is only slightly a rhetorical question. I'm curious about what you think.

  2. liberal jon, what makes you think any one owes you any answers?

    All you do is blog all the time. Grow up, get a life and do something productive for a change.

    You are the most biased of all, attacking people simply because they do not agree with your views.

    You are nothing but a hateful, useless prog living off the government teat.

  3. Jon, wth are you talking about?

    The lack of media coverage?

    You are super-oversensitive to something, ascribing even the mere linking without commentary to bias, assuming without knowing... Having not met you in real life I wonder how you have conversations, where ideas and opinions are exchanged, and nuances of all imaginable types are present...where one can state an opinion on the one hand, yet make allowances for certain factors on the other, and end up with an entirely different conclusion than YOU might assume with your strange set of criteria and fixations...

    This is not a rhetorical observation, either... but if what you are saying is there ought to be MORE media coverage of this - and other - trials - we agree. But, the Mad River Union is covering it, the Times-Standard is covering it, and John Chiv is covering it. They each have their own style. Chiv is a blogger, and as such has more freedom to interject opinions, and day-to-day observations, less dry descriptions... does this bother you?

    1. Fox news is opinion, CNN is opinion, Yahoo is opinion and all media today is opinion.

      Rose and John Chiv provide information. So what if there is opinion?

      Liberal Jon only offers the world according to liberal jon.

      We are feeding this troll Rose by acknowledging him.

  4. And, Jon, WHEN have I EVER "assume you own neutrality politically"?

    I have never hidden my stance or opinions. They are well known, and I take a lot of heat for it. I'd point our, however, that I have been proven right over and over and over again. Whether you like it or not. So, there's that.

    You seem like a nice guy, good natured, and take a lot of heat yourself. there's hope :)

  5. Rose, who cares what liberal jon thinks. He does nothing except criticize others for opinions.

  6. Oh, the IRONY of this whopper of a statement!

    "You are the most biased of all, attacking people simply because they do not agree with your views.

    You are nothing but a hateful, useless prog living off the government teat."

    Thanks for the laugh 7:36 AM

  7. Chiv's cheerleading for his latest infatuation, Ms. Firpo is getting embarassing. On top of the Tree coverage in which every Firpo move puts Atticus Finch and Perry Mason to shame, he just posted a long, long anti Salzman rant which is replete with Gallegos and Kerrigan references, but what name NEVER appears. Come on, guess. Give up? That is correct, search "firpo" in vain. Never happened, nothing to see here.

  8. Maybe because Salzman was asked to butt out of that one. Ever think?

    Elan Firpo is a very gracious person. And not a wimp, so nothing wrong with feeling respect for that.

  9. Your disdain for Chiv and Firpo is obvious.

    The election is over, move on.

    You and others like you did your best to smear Firpo, Chiv and any one who disagrees with you. Move on.

    You could be Salzman himself or one of his lackeys. Using your logic, one could claim you are the one who is infatuated with one of the defense attorneys. Or you could be a friend of the loser candidate who got 2%.

    Some people like you cannot handle the truth. This case is not about you or Chiv or Firpo, it is about two deaths and one attempted murder.

    As for who is a great lawyer? Lot of big egos in this town who know their days of special deals are over with Maggie in charge.

  10. Cannot wait for Maggie to take over. Get some respect back for the District Attorney's office.

  11. Bring on the Jury Summons...the rats are fleeing the ship...are new rats ready to jump aboard?

  12. Way too much media coverage Rose, imho. Why do we need it? Doesn't actually hurt the trial to publicize it during the trial. Especially with moral-infused narratives like John's. I know who is guilty just based on the headlines. And if I had any doubt, then I could just read John's reporting to find out who is wearing the white hats, and have credibility, and who are wearing the black hats, and are not to be trusted.

    For the record, I would like to join you and John and everyone else to dispel this evil idea of no snitches. This ethic, which stems often, as much from fear as from not wanting to be a "rat" to those one cares about, prevents victims from coming forward and I've been close to people in this community, usually the ones that need the help and protection of law enforcement, and many would rather trust the street rather than our law enforcement.

    I think all of us would agree that we want people, especially those being served and protected, to trust law enforcement, at the very least more than those who would commit crimes.

    And I don't know how many, but there is a population of people who would not commit crimes, but they are also afraid to report crimes because of the repercussions.

    And btw, the fear or feeling of guilt of being a "snitch" does not apply only to gangs. It's all around us in reporting potential, indiscretions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Blue collar and white collar crime. It's something to think about for a county that benefits so greatly financially from what is still and will be for the foreseeable future, an illicit product federally.

  13. 10:46 why don't you say what you have to my face? Unlike you, I use my name?

  14. Liberal Jon, so you have taken to attacking me lately. Who appointed you the judge of what should be said and what is moral? All you do is attack people who do not conform to your view of what is right.

    You are not about democracy Jon, you are about dictatorship and intolerance. You do the bidding of your HCDCC leaders.

    I told you to your face insteading of constantly flapping your lips, what have you done to personally help anyone, besides repeat the democrat mantra of Republicans bad, Democrats good.

    Jon, you don't have a clue about local politics. Except for knocking a few doors in the last election, you haven't put in any time or any effort that requires work or benefits others.

    The problem with you Jon and all those who attack Rose or me or is your frustration because people who know us, people who are not biased like you know who we are, listen to us.

    If we were not effective, you would not attack us.

    Jon, when you personally take a risk to take on rich lawyers and money and the lies of NIMBY Democrats who are just as responsible for poverty, when you get off your high horse and go out and volunteer in the community without expecting something in return, when you stop defending men who hit women and attacking other people for their religious beliefs and actually practice democracy where others can express opinions, you will actually walk the walk and talk the talk.

    You have no problem clogging every blog with your bs, post nothing of real significance on your blog except the HCDCC agenda, yet seem to think you have the right to tell others what to do and think.

    I expect you to come back with your usual reacting and posting responses. I have let you go on and on and not responded, except now. Jon, when you actually DO something, we will talk. When you comprehend that dialogue involves listening and letting the other person talk, we will talk.

    You are a tool of those in town that were given their walking papers in 2010 and 2014 by the voters.

    And this applies not just to Jon but most of the cowards who smear me, and anonymously. Use your name if you have the guts. But when you make comments that could be libel, anonymous is convenient.

  15. Why not acknowledge that Salzman was involved in Firpo's campaign John?

    You're a sensitive little man who desperately needs some female attention

    1. Anonymous clearly you have a problem reading but since you did not get your way on my blog, I knew you would come on here and start the Salzman Firpo campaign misinformation.

      So "Jeff", if that is your real name or Salzman or whoever you are. Salzman is free to offer his support. He never was a part of the campaign. In fact, I thank Jaison and Elan for listening to me about him. He was told to back off privately.

      I know you think you really smart baiting. And think you will engage me but readers are smart. Keep posting your misinformation. If you had facts, you would not be so desperate.

      This post is about the Bodhi Tree case and only a shameful, self centered jerk would exploit it for his or her own purpose.

      I knew my post on Salzman would generate the harassment. So keep posting . It only proves my point.

      You seem to have a lot of time to obsess on what I do or don't do. Seems like you are the one in need of attention.

  16. John,

    Technically "constantly flapping lips" should read "hyper-active fingers" (or something).

    John, I want you to try this experiment. Take any quote I've written about you since the beginning of this year and compare it to what you just wrote. If you where being objective, who was more guilty of judging whom?

    John, take a listen to KINS and see if us NIMBY, HCDCC, dictatoring, intolerating, women abusing Democrats are really the problem.

    1. lib jon so nice of you to admit to flapping lips and hyperactive fingers.

      you acted just as Chiv predicted. thanks for the laugh.

  17. Good gawd John C, do you read your comments before publishing? If not, I'd suggest you do so to avoid the hypocritical content of your comments.

  18. Good gawd anonymous, do you think you are fooling anyone?

    Move along.

  19. Chives can't possibly have a full time job?!? Dudes spends weekdays in the courtroom. Maybe he works the night shift?

    1. You pay his bills anonymous? Didn't think so. None of your biz. Seems like the only one who has a full time job is you stalking Chiv.

      Salzman, get a life. You sucked this county dry. Time to move on loser.

  20. "You pay his bills anonymous?"

    Yeah, I probably do, as an American taxpayer!

    1. 9:13 you get the award for dumb and dumber. Chiv is not a government employee or on welfare.

      Like a coward you smear anonymously. Are we paying your bills? We have for Paul Gallegos for 12 years. We pay liberal jon's bills since he works for the government.

      You do not have the balls to use your name, yet you smears a community member who uses your name exposing the truth.

      A low life who hijacks this thread instead of doing anything productive.

      Typical Salzman and proggie behavior. Losers in the elections. Losers in life.

  21. Little dickie Salzman and his little dickie friends
    Jeff and little glib jon are overcompensating.

    No need to defend their obvious lies.

  22. Anonymous says, "You do not have the balls to use your name, yet you smears a community member who uses your name exposing the truth."

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    1. 10:10 not only are you a useless troll, you do not even have a basic knowledge of idioms.

      Truth gets you really upset, doesn't it?

  23. We may pay Lib Jon's salary since he works for the g'ment, but he currently works more hours at his job than chives and rose combined. All it takes is full time employment.

  24. 11:57 this is a free country with free speech and not just about what you approve. No private citizen owes you any answers.

    Your opinion is not based on fact; just hate of people.

    Your opinion is just that, your opinion.

    The real question is who is paying you? Why are you posting full-time on this blog about matters unrelated to this post?

    No one really cares about your answer. Get a life.

    1. Yet here you are again! And might I mention that you're guilty of everything you note above! Ha!


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