Thursday, July 10, 2014

Now on LoCo - DOLLISON’S DOCKET: Humboldt, Murder and the Death Penalty

The Lost Coast Outpost's new columnist writes about the surprising number of "death penalty-eligible" cases in the Humboldt County Courthouse at the moment. - LoCo


  1. Does this mean AD has a steady job?

  2. Holy shit Rose, you sure stay busy with your other blog. 10 posts per day? No wonder you don't have a real job anymore!

  3. This is priceless Rose! What's your side of the story?

  4. Legal insertion is having trouble keeping the Zionists from the inevitable response of anti-Zionists who will not tolerate American supporting racist killers using American tax dollars to conduct a RACIAL WAR, Europeans killing Semitic Palestinians in order to steal all of Palestine. Of course Palestinians and supporters will not let this evil racist war by Israelis against Palestinians go by on American soil without protest

    We have featured them before.

    The screamers, and disrupters, and threateners. They say they want another Intifada — the bloody Palestinian suicide bombing and murder campaign that killed thousands starting in 2001, causing Israel to build the security barrier.

    Now they complain about the security barrier, and call it the “Apartheid Wall.”

    Oh boy, do they love to flash the bird."

    This conversation is about the level of comprehension of Zionists who really don't get it, that European racism against non-Europeans in order to steal their lands is history. That period ended in the 1800's and is no longer acceptable to human rights of nations.

    Perhaps one day, Rose will wake up but I doubt it now, too much ego invested in white man rules darkskinned peoples forever as OK philosophy of conservatives..Not really, Rose..

  5. Steve Lewis & Rose Welsh are a match made in heaven!

  6. How long will it be? *starts stop watch*

  7. Look at this show of Israeli immorality on Legal Insertion:

    "The lopsided casualty rate in Gaza proves nothing about responsibility for the conflict."

    This is so like the 7th Cavalry coming in with cannons and repeating rifles to wipe out sleeping Native villagers. The 7th Cavalry = IDF in the same mentality. We were rewarded for modern 7th Cavalry ideology with 9-11 and it could happen again, with nukes this time as Abrahamic warriors seem to care nothing for human rights, both sides, Muslim and Zionist Jews.

    By trying to erase their Fascist aggressor/occupier Jewish Nazi from the public eye, it only increases world condemnation of the racist state of Israel, Europe and America's Middle East Army Outpost to control oil supplies by continually destabilizing Arab Muslim nations controlling it allowing excuse for increased 7th Cavalry IDF occupation.

  8. Zionists are going to get the U.S. or Europe nuked as they provoke Muslim fanatics who then get supplied by Zionist fanatics and/or arms merchants who don't care who gets the WMDs.

    By posting links to Zionist propaganda promoting fascist aggression and occupation, this blog too contributes to America's insecurity and inability to deal rationally with Abrahamic religious fanaticism starting wars continually, Zionism and Muhammadism with Evangelical Christians backing the Zionists although that's changing as even Evangelicals are fed up with Zionist liars and cheats hurting Palestinian Christians.


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