Monday, December 16, 2013

Yes, Jason Singleton should rot in hell...


He is no different than Baykeeper. EPIC. ERF, and ALL of the other predatory litigious orgs.

In fact, he MIGHT be slightly more honorable than they if you believe he, at least, does it on his own, without giant Foundation grant money.

But when it comes to being a despicable shakedown artist, making it rich using arcane bits of law, walking away with his 'go away' extortion money and breaking local business - there's no difference except for the fact that you like his targets and you've come to believe the org's targets deserve it.

...Funny, the Facebook discussions say 'something is being done about this" - which is laughable, because this has been going on for years, Clint Eastwood even testified before Congress detailing the abuses many, many, many years ago. But who dares stop these people? To do so implies you don't care about people with disabilities (not true), or the environment (not true), and on and on. These new-age con men have a license to steal, and they do so with abandon. They've learned how to milk the system, hijacking, bastardizing and twisting well-meaning laws to enrich themselves.

Jason Singleton Strikes Again (5/8/08) - The Journal
And again: ADA Beef Closes Barbecue Restaurant. Another Humboldt business has fallen victim to notorious attorney Jason Singleton’s lawsuit scheme, this time Arcata’s Porter Street Barbeque. - Mad River Union
Piling On Jason Singleton - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost


  1. Not really sure what you are implying. Most people I know don't care for any of these so-called organizations, nor do we like what Singleton is doing to hard working small businesses. They are all scumbags, at least to people with sense.

  2. What have Baykeeper, EPIC, ERF, "and ALL" done to local Humboldt businesses? And who exactly are "and ALL"?

  3. One of my friends who IS really disabled finds that local merchants are really nervous when she is in their store. When she asked a couple what is the problem, they told here they're afraid of Singleton. So not only is he hurting our community, he's making local merchants not trust local disabled customers.

    What a scumbag this attorney is... one can only hope for fast karma.

  4. Is his office ada compliant?

  5. predatory litigious orgs!
    predatory litigious orgs!
    predatory litigious orgs!


    Don't forget to give him GREAT reviews on YELP.

  7. When the zombie apocalypse happens this punk is going down!


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