Sunday, December 08, 2013

Élan Firpo at Arts Alive.

- via John Chiv


  1. Quite the crowd!

  2. Chiv has other pics with the crowd, assume this is during the set up.

    It's not really very fair to start with the snark, these people are embarking on a path that will take a year of their lives. Starting now, rather than getting to enjoy the holidays, if you read the rip-roarious "Matthew In the Middle' you know that they are expected to be in full campaign mode right now - for an election that won't happen until June, and then, the two with the most votes will be in it until November, and the winner will take office in January of 2015. After that the really hard work will begin, rebuilding an office that is down to 7 attorneys, from 20. An office that's been severely mismanaged since 2003.

    So, show some respect.

  3. Respect ... a rare commodity anymore it seems Rose!

  4. two very good people, nice pic


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