Saturday, December 14, 2013

News shuffle: Ryan Burns to LoCo, and Thadeus Greenson to North Coast Journal

What? No more dungeon dominatrixes and meathook swingers in the Journal? What a shame.

MEDIA SHAKEUP! Ryan Burns to Lost Coast Outpost, Thad Greenson to NCJ - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
The New Guy: Thadeus Greenson to Join the NCJ - The Journal
Journal Jangle Sets Off Humboldt Media Musical Chairs - Kevin Hoover.Mad River Union

The Journal will likely go back to being straight, serious news, with the in-depth reporting you're used to, minus the snark.

Everyone wants to be the 'alt-weekly,' edgy and all that, but it's not going to be possible to top Hank Sims' LoCo in that department, and really, a little is nice, but we don't need more of that.

If you REALLY want to be out there. If you REALLY want to be edgy, then don't go with the flow. Be different. Fill the niche that is not being filled. What might that be?

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