Wednesday, December 11, 2013

John Chiv's DA Candidate Profiles:

Arnie Klein : Because Experience Matters

When I asked Arnie what sets him apart from the other 3 candidates, he said , "My 20 years of experience representing the accused allows me insight into making sure both the accused and the victims rights are preserved. The other 3 running cannot say that."

Updated: Justice Fairness Firpo4DA profile

Very impressed that Élan was out in the freezing cold this past weekend December Arts Alive. There are photos on her facebook page and Rose's blog that I took. They may not indicate crowds but trust me people stopped by to talk to her, pick up brochures and she has been out to a variety of events in Humboldt.

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  1. Hard to gauge the degree of "insight" an attorney has based on vague claims of "experience". Let's hear names, cases and outcomes, details. Mr. Gallegos brought significant "insight and experience" as a defense lawyer to the D.A.'s office. Yet Mr. Klein has been highly critical of Mr. Gallegos. So perhaps defense experience is not the touchstone Mr. Klein suggests that it is.

  2. Gallegos did not bring 'significant "insight and experience" and he had a lackluster campaign that was going nowhere until Richard Salzman jumped in with both feet. Ask anyone who had to watch Gelloegos in action as a defense attorney. That's why Farmer was caught off guard, he made the mistake of thinking everyone KNEW what Gallegos was.

  3. Lacking details, it's all just a matter of opinion. Candidates can make all kinds of vague claims about experience and assignments, let's see details. In writing. Media coverage. Case transcripts.

  4. Please feel free to visit votearnieklein .org for information regarding Klein's history in law. At this time I believe we have four case write ups posted. We understand that vague claims without the production of valid proof of history are pointless. That is why we here at the campaign are working diligently to produce as much case history as we can, and in a timely manner. Klein has had over 40 years of legal practice which can be a bit overwhelming to sift through, so we will be publishing more and more as we continue on this road .


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