Friday, December 13, 2013

Élan Firpo: More On Attorney Experience and Background

Élan Firpo addresses attorney experience and other facts about her background - John Chiv/Words Worth

Élan worked her way through law school employed by a defense attorney. During the first 6 months she started practicing law, she worked for a defense attorney.

She also has experience protecting the accused, and she agrees with Arnie that this experience gives you an edge as a prosecutor because you have seen situations from both sides.

She disagrees with Arnie's statement that he is the only candidate who has both prosecuted and defended.... (more, at the link.)

Note: John's been keeping up on the ever-changing political scene, and the DA's race in particular, for a long time. In case you haven't noticed, John's pretty much been scooping everyone else in town.


  1. Democratic Jon12/15/2013 6:06 PM

    Klein said he had "the most experience" at both. That is true. He has had over 40 years. That is undeniable experience.

  2. Without details, it means very little, and in fact may raise more questions than it answers. 40 years doing what, when, with what results? What moves were made, and why? What verification can Mr. Klein provide, what corroboration for his claims? Has anyone found accounts on line of successes or failures? Mr. Klein seems to like the media, surely there must be articles, links, perhaps a scrapbook he can share? References he can supply?

  3. Sexually violent predators, mentally disordered offenders, and criminals found not guilty by reason of insanity are legal definitions that categorize a disparate array of individuals and their crimes. The vast spectrum of violent law breaking encompassed in these groups shares one socially devastating commonality. They are sent to treatment facilities, not prisons, and entitled to hearings to be released, unless they are proven to be a danger to society. The onus of protecting a community from future crime requires the prosecutor to become a “crystal ball” for the jury. During his tenure as Deputy District Attorney in Humboldt County, Arnold Klein prosecuted six jury trials, in which he proved that the following individuals were still a real and present danger to the community.

    Cedric Black
    Richard Valentine
    Prentice Nothnagal
    Matthew Scheidt
    John Henrickson
    Daniel Terribilini

    They are presently still confined.

  4. When a finger print unmasked the true identity of murder suspect, Yohan Lopez, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office turned to Arnie Klein to prosecute this fugitive, who had eluded authorities for over a decade. Through exhaustive research of the ten year old investigation, Klein uncovered critical evidence, which allowed him to piece together the events that led to the murder of eighteen year old Ryan Dunn. His reconstruction of the crime scene convinced the jury to convict Lopez of murder in the first degree while lying in wait. Lopez is presently serving a life sentence without possibility of parole. Thanks to Klein’s diligence, a family has closure, and our community is a safer place to live in.

  5. Interesting. Wasn't someone arrested and prosecuted right after the murder? And wasn't the fingerprint part of an out of state arrest that led to an extradition? There's an implication here that Klein personally uncovered new evidence. What exactly was that? What new evidence did Klein personally uncover that the cops and investigators missed and had nothing to do with?Sounds like Klein is taking credit for a lot of work done by other people.

  6. And maybe, 11:11, he is deeply appreciative of the wok done by other people. Nothing in his statement above suggest that he uncovered it.

  7. Really? What part of

    Klein uncovered critical evidence, which allowed him to piece together the events that led to the murder of eighteen year old Ryan Dunn

    suggests anything else but Klein did it personally, and what part suggests he is deeply appreciative of anyone but himself?

  8. It has occurred to me that Elan Firpo’s answer during the League of Women Voters debate concerning the impact of Calif. Penal Code section 1192.6 on the plea bargain she entered into in the Ferrer case was "I don't know" totally estops Paul Gallegos from arguing that Elan Firpo made ANY EFFORT AT ALL to follow that law, so he can just give it up.

    Mr. Gallegos should have told the Judge: “Your honor, I guess the good news is that the malfeasance and nonfeasance by Deputy District Attorney Firpo was not a malicious and intentional misleading of the court, but instead the product of ignorance, inexperience, and sloth. And of course, my utter failure to train and supervise the junior lawyers to whom I assign these most serious of cases.”


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