Friday, December 20, 2013

Some things don't belong on the editorial page

They belong on the funny pages. Which really aren't so funny anymore, it seems.

Lawyer: Don't like ADA? Propose something - Jason Singleton/My Word/The Times-Standard

One thing's clear, he's NOT sorry for extorting money from businesses. He justifies it in his own mind. He's not sorry for killing off businesses, he justifies that, too. He's not sorry that people lost their livelihoods. he's not sorry that now NO ONE can access those businesses. Not his little stooges, and not you or me.

He suggests that you propose something.

What do you propose? Who do you blame?

It is, after all, the 'law of the land.'


  1. Certainly not the ADA. That was the business' choice not to comply with rules that I'm assuming are based on the 14th amendment - equal protection under the law.

    I'm going to guess most of the businesses that had to close also weren't paying a living wage. We need an economy that allows for businesses that succeed and allow for all customers to have access and, importantly as Eureka debates a living wage - is footing the bill for it's employees to be able to pay for their own way instead of depending on government to foot the bill. Our economy is broken and it isn't Jason Singleton's fault. There are bigger issues that need to be addressed with the larger picture in mind. Not just whether or not this or that struggling business is struggling.

    Just one example. What if we had universal health care. Take that cost off of small businesses. Maybe they could pay for a ramp or two and Jason could move into another line of work.

  2. "Wow" is right Rose ... hey, if unicorns pooped Skittles, we could all make up some Purple Drank and have us a big party, couldn't we?


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