Saturday, December 07, 2013

Good riddance to Paul Gallegos

I can finally relax. Paul Gallegos is finally stepping down at the end of his term. After years of wasted time and countless taxpayer money spent in a futile effort to prosecute Pacific Lumber for fraud, after countless botched criminal trials in which he turned up late and unprepared for court, after giving Cruz waivers to convicted felons, the list goes on and on, he's finally throwing in the towel. Thank you, Paul Gallegos. The entire county owes you their gratitude.

Good riddance to Paul Gallegos - Susan Dodd, Letter to the Editor/Times-Standard


  1. Even though I may agree with some of the complaints about Paul, it is my understanding that the Cruz waivers are up to the Judges.

  2. You think? You're going to blame this on a Judge?


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