Friday, December 12, 2008

Something to watch

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There's no shortage of special interest groups who expect favors and accommodation from Obama. It's either going to be as Krauthammer says, "Don't Be Fooled By Obama's Centrist Appointments" OR there's going to be a VAST disillusionment on the part of the activist groups....

Add this one to the mix - it looks like the enviro activist groups are gearing up against Congressman Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) even though Thompson’s annual ratings on the Humane Scorecard have ranged from a very respectable 58 to 85 percent.

He's too much of a moderate, and doesn't toe the line every inch of the way like the guy they're pushing who has a HUNDRED PERCENT 100% rating.

Here's the meme - and you will see it repeated: even though Thompson also has a solid record on protecting the environment ...he’s never been a leader, or a go-to person for the environmental community on the big fights of the day.

And though he did chair the Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee in the state Senate, he has not served in Congress on the Natural Resources Committee and has essentially seen wildlife issues only through the lens of his leadership at the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, rising to the defense of inhumane and unsporting hunting practices. The nation needs someone with a broader background, and Obama should understand this as well as anyone.

You see how it is done. So artfully. Turn him into a bad guy. He hunts. He dares to differ with us.

As for me, I prefer a REAL centrist. Which Thompson arguable IS.

☛ UPDATE: TS Official: Obama to pick Sen. Salazar for Interior


  1. As sad as it is,hopefully Thompson will see these people for what they are: evil at worst,fools at best.There would be no game if not for hunting. Only blind eyed zealots can believe these lies. MY god, if they will eat THOMPSON a very liberal guy you just can't reach them.

  2. Dog Running at Large12/12/2008 10:40 PM

    The object of the game

    is to go beyond the game

    Thompson is a decent guy and holds his own in the ideological storm.

    I guess balance is not something the progs can support.

  3. They want a tool - an idealogue, a zealot will make them happy, but a tool is what they require. A 'yes' man. One who does not think for himself, but who does what he is told.

    Yeah. Thompson is probably not the guy for them. That's what would make him good for the country.

    Who gets the nod will be very telling.

  4. I hope Mike is selected just to see the political chaos it will cause locally. Tons of fun!

  5. Thompson has become a DC insider. He lost a lot of votes, including mine, permanently, when he voted for the Wall Street giveaway. He raises more campaign money than any other person in the House.
    So don't let him green talk you into thinking he's an environmentalist. He's a capitalist running dog lackey who has no loyalty to anyone and no goals other than perpetual reelection.
    Public servant my ass!

  6. 3:53 we know whos ass yiu serve.


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