Sunday, December 28, 2008


No better time to watch it than now.


  1. You're eight years too late with posting this film...

  2. :) Heh, it's kinda timeless don't you think?

    Just thinking of all those massive posters of the dear leader....

  3. Hey Ozzie, B-B-B-Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet
    B-B-B-Baby, you just ain't seen nu-nu-nu-nothin' yet

  4. B-B-B-B-Bad to the bone
    Bad to the bone

  5. a review of the Bush administration?

    Seriously, do you really not see parallels between 1984 and what has happened under this faux-conservative administration?

    Are you really MORE concerned with this happening under Obama?

    If so, is it because it is happening regardless of party ideology or do you think that libs are more prone to big brother style government?

  6. INGSOC is English Socialism. And George Orwell / Eric Blair knew what he was talking about when he wrote 1984, as he was part of the socialist elite and rubbed elbows with the likes of Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw at the Fabian Society. Of course, writing this book cost him pretty much all his friends in those circles.

    Yes, I'm more concerned about Obama, if only because so many people who were wise to Bush worship the ground Obama walks on. I'm about as left-wing as you can get and I definitely think liberals are more prone to willingly accept big brother style government.

    We will see when the carbon credits start flowing (rationing of goods like in 1984 - two razor blades less and two more grams of chocolate this week). We will see that when Obama fires up the national service corps he talked about during his campaign. He said it would be used for national security purposes (ie, spying on your neighbors).

    Both of them support the surveillance state and all of the cameras going up everywhere. Obama supported the telecom / wiretapping bill, as did Bush.

    The Junior Anti-Sex League is a parallel to modern feminism, which we can't really blame Obama for, but which is part and parcel to the socialist agenda. NOT because socialist elite love women -- quite the opposite -- but they do want those children into schools and day care centers as young as possible for indoctrination (curriculum), so the traditional family unit is broken and mommy is off to work.

    Obama is also acting like he's eager to help Israel massacre whoever is still locked down in Gaza... but I hope I'm wrong about that. I won't be wrong if Rahm Emanuel has anything to say about it.

    At the risk of writing a 1984-length comment... over and out.


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