Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Butcher's Bill is due.

There's controversy afoot. Seems the shut it down little boys club wants the NCRA seat now - and Supervisor John Wooley is not playing ball, apparently. He is recommending Former Assemblyman Dan Hauser, and somebody's not happy....

To quote: A Hauser appointment is DOA. I don’t know when the resignation becomes effective but it better be the new board of supervisors that will be appointing his replacement.

With Mark and Clif in office, I have hopes that a fiscally responsible railbanking proponent will be appointed.

Attention, Clif, and Mark. The butcher's bill is due. Dare to buck the anti-Hauser decree, dare to agree with his appointment, just to see what happens. It will be an eye-opening, and a life-changing experience.

I double dog dare ya.


  1. The bill is due and they haven't even taken office yet.

  2. bleepingolden12/10/2008 9:26 PM

    Is this Humboldt County or Chicago?

    It's a bleeping valuable postion. It's bleeping golden!

  3. hey,we don't need no mo stink'n jobs round here.

  4. bonnie,what a HORROR! lovelace,what a zero! I think we just might be as screwed as an honest man in Chi-town.

  5. Nope - I triple dog dare you guys!

  6. The GREEN wheels are already in motion.

  7. Think Not A Native is Ken Miller?


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