Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another blog on the block

Humboldt Polite


  1. another blog that is new and getting some buzz is Impact Humboldt


  2. Nothing has been published on the Polite since August. Not exactly new or topical.

  3. There's a lot more interesting blogs around Humboldt who don't make Rose's list, I wonder why?

  4. Check the list in the sidebar. I change it now and again. Those are mainly the blogs I read. They tend towards the political. Every once in a while you find a new one, or are emailed a link to a new one, so you throw up a link... see what develops.

    There are links to others via Hank's Pipes (his has a feed) and the Link to 100's of Local Blogs link.

    Every blogger has his or her own list, of both local blogs and out of area blogs... Click on the links, and follow the trails, you may stumble on a gem.

    Christina has a link up to one such gem... http://sohumborn.wordpress.com/


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