Monday, December 29, 2008

A little drama

☛TS Woman rescued after jumping from Samoa Bridge
A woman who may have jumped from the Samoa Bridge was rescued on Sunday, thanks to the efforts of several local law enforcement officers and one Eureka city councilman (Larry Glass) in a kayak.... more on the herald

☛TS Councilman Glass plays integral role in bay rescue


  1. I'm curious if that bridge is really high enough for someone to die from jumping off it? Has anyone been killed jumping from it before? Seems to me I might have heard about one incident but can't remember specifics.

    I guess from the damage the lady suffered it's high enough to cause some damage.

  2. I wondered the same thing, Fred - doesn't seem high enough to do more than really really hurt you. Unless you land just right.

  3. The bottom line is that Larry did a very good thing and deserves praise for it.

    And whatever circumstances that led this person to attempt suicide, one can only hope will be addressed.

  4. Agreed - and the LE personnel who were trying to save her also deserve recognition and appreciation. This is the goodness of people, that they risk their own lives to save others. With no fanfare.

  5. yes, the fact that cobb is an ass to spin everything on heraldo blog to always equate the liberals deeds with truth,goodness and purity should not reflect negitively on larry. he was at the right place at the right time and did the right thing. now if Arkley had done the same thing cobberaldo would have called it a marina center PR stunt.

  6. Heh, 8:48, I think you have that right.

    Not to take anything away from what Larry did, that's awesome, and something he will not only remember forever, but something people will someday tell his grandkids. I'm glad he (they, the rescue workers and he) saved that lady's life, and I hope she works things out. Life is precious.

  7. Looking at that picture in today's paper, it doesn't seem high enough to cause any harm. Then again, the story says she apparently hit the cement at the base of the bridge. Now that could cause some damage.

  8. I think the article said she hit the cement. What an experience.

    I hope the lady gets the help she needs.


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