Sunday, January 26, 2014

Who will Paul endorse?

What if Paul changes his mind before the March deadline and runs? - John Chiv/Words Worth

John's analysis of what's gone on in the race so far.


  1. Gallegos will not support Dollison or Klein. Not a doubt in my mind.

    Between Firpo and Fleming he should support Fleming.

    It will be an interesting race.

  2. Who really cares. Gallegos is irrelevant. If I were any of the candidates, I would not want my campaign associated with Gallegos, after the horrible job he had done managing that DA's Office. As a voter, I will not vote for any one that has his endorsement!

  3. If he decided to run, the only change would be that Firpo would bow out and the remaining (she would not run against her boss) candidates would stay the same. The only true viable candidates in this race are Fleming and Klein! Do your research.


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