Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, we can safely say we all learned something

It’s clear now that many of the 626 “Likes” registered to the “Elan Firpo for DA” Facebook page are stone cold fakes — bogus support from people based in such far flung locales as Bangladesh, Tanzania and Cuba.

But how do you even figure that out?

Ahh, the intrepid reporter knows the answer, revealed in the thread at the link (So, listen up candidates, you only think your stance on issues matters, It doesn't. Your Facebook page does. So, forget all that law school stuff, and go to Facebook school, you'll be glad you did):

Clickey McLikefarmer
Hi Ryan,
O.k, I'm looking at the Firpo for DA Facebook page, but I don't see where I can browse all the individual likes. I can only see the few "likers" who also happen to be my own Facebook "friends" as well. Same with the Lost Coast Outpost's Facebook page, which has 15,706 "likes" listed. But I'm not seeing where I can click to see the list of them. Can you please explain how I could access the full list of "likers" on a Facebook page? Thanks.
Ryan Burns Mod Clickey McLikefarmer
Sure: Go to the "search" bar at the top of your Facebook page. There you can type in "people who like Elan Firpo for DA," or "people who like Lost Coast Outpost." That should bring up a complete list. You can also cross-reference by searching for, say, "People who like Elan Firpo for DA and live in London, United Kingdom."
Clicky McLikefarmer Ryan Burns

If you're going to comment on this thread - how about laying out what IS important in this race. What are the issues. Help the fella out.

'Professor' Gallegos didn't get half this much scrutiny as he ran the office into the ground.

When things 'fall through the cracks' at the DA's office - some guy is out on a Cruz waiver. Some guy gets out and goes right back to committing crimes, and people get hurt. People die. Do you get that?

The way it is now, it is impossible for the Deputy DAs - the PROSECUTORS - to do their jobs. There aren't enough of them left. They get handed cases and told to go into the court room without any chance of getting to know the facts and the issues, and the players in the case. You couldn't work under those conditions. You might put your head down and try to do your best, but you'd know, it's not possible.

How do you do a sit down interview with the guy and not finally ask the tough questions? He does have a year to continue messing things up, you know.


  1. I could care less who "likes" each candidates facebook page.

    But I do have a problem with someone registering as a democrat just because their political leanings are currently unpopular. Thank you facebook for revealing the truth.

  2. Do you have a problem with someone calling himself a 'Professor' when he isn't?

  3. Oh Rose, you are going to miss Paul.

    Think of all the extra time you'll have to do much more interesting things with your life. Time to start smiling again!

    1. She's had a hard on for that guy for YEARS now! Guess that what we get for electing a handsome DA. People like Rose who are stuck in the pop culture of politics and religion can only see the surface of the institutions and don't have an enough curiousity or intellectual honesty to see deeper. Maybe Rose had her heartbroken by a man just like Paul and this is her way of showing her pain. She obviously takes this stuff really personally, when in reality, Rose is just a mere spectator jealous of being left out of the real mechanics of the world.

    2. Anon maybe it is you who have a hard on for Paul describing him as handsome.

      In the real world, Paul sold out victims of child molestation and rapists to focus on selective prosecution of weed cases.

      Instead of facebook likes, perhaps the media could do actual articles on the candidates and their positions.

  4. No. I won't miss Paul. I hope he has a long and prosperous career as a private attorney. But let's not pretend he's been a competent DA. He hasn't.

    If I'd known it was going to go on this long, would I have started it in the first place? I don't know.

    What I do know is that someone who is willing to sell out to campaign backers has no right to serve as an elected official.

    He did more than sell out. He filed a lawsuit at the behest of his activist backers. Early emails show Ken Miller being instrumental in that endeavor - with people in the office questioning why he was being allowed to do that. I don't care what party you are or what your ideology is - you have to admit that is wrong.

    More than that even, he went to far as to try to set up that 'Trust Fund' in which he would have SOLICITED, ACCEPTED AND USED SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY TO FUND THAT PUBLIC LAWSUIT.

    Again - no matter what side of the fence you are on, if you are honest, you will acknowledge that that is wrong, and should not be tolerated in any public official.

    Even if you approve of it in this instance because you think he was doing God's work, and that the ends justifies the means, you have to recognize that nagging doubt in the back of your head that asks, "What happens when the tables are turned?"

    Meanwhile - you're endorsing the destruction of the office. You're the one with the problem.


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