Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Motion to deny bail filed by Firpo in Bullock case UPDATED

John Chiv/Words Worth

Ruling on motions in Bullock case-Bail denied - John Chiv/Words Worth

Both motions granted.... The motion for the gag order was tentatively granted....

...Regarding the motion to increase bail or deny bail, Judge Reinholtsen denied bail.

Prior to his decision, he heard from both lawyers. Bullock's attorney Kaleb Cockrum argued that Bullock had ties to the community because his wife and family are here and that raising bail was "beyond (Bullock's) assets".

Elan Firpo who is prosecuting the case countered Cockrum's claim ...Bullock's wife is leaving the area because of this case and that own his family wants nothing to do with Bullock. She said he has means to raise bail and that he was a flight risk....More at the link.

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