Friday, January 24, 2014

Isn't it nice to know that Ryan Burns really understands the IMPORTANT issues relating to the DA's race. UPDATED

There's not even a question mark, because, of course, the answer is NO.

Because we ALL know that what' really important is what the candidate does on Facebook, right?

And it's not like Élan Firpo isn't involved in two - TWO - murder trials right now. In an office that is running at half staff - how did it get that way, Ryan? Where are the seasoned prosecutors, Ryan?

Firpo facebook likes brouhaha much ado about nothing - John Chiv/Words Worth

And it continues:

Who Flooded Firpo’s Facebook Page with Fake Friends? - Ryan Burns again/Lost Coast Outpost

It’s clear now that many of the 626 “Likes” registered to the “Elan Firpo for DA” Facebook page are stone cold fakes — bogus support from people based in such far flung locales as Bangladesh, Tanzania and Cuba.

The big mystery that remains is who’s responsible — a supporter looking to position Firpo as the early frontrunner? Or an opponent looking to paint her as a dirty campaigner?...

We’ve spoken with Firpo and campaign worker/personal friend Jaison Chiand a number of times since this came to our attention. Initially, they both expressed confusion about the Bangladesh connection and, after digging through several hundred supporters, said they couldn’t find any from outside the country.

This morning we walked them through a process to bring up the entire list of supporters, which turns up some truly suspicious accounts....

Asked if he had any idea who could be responsible he said, “I don’t even know how it happened, let alone who might have done it.” After a pause he admitted, “I have ideas but I’m certainly not going to make accusations.”

Firpo said that she doubted it was anyone involved in her campaign, including Richard Salzman. But neither could she definitively rule that out. Regardless, she said her intention is to get the Facebook page cleaned up and move forward with her campaign.

Firpo's latest facebook post explains the facebook likes and what they are doing. - John Chiv/Words Worth

Élan's campaign responds (h/t: John)
As for Facebook “Likes”, I don’t know who did what or why, but we have a bunch of people from foreign countries in there that appear to be fakes. We are working to remove them, but it is a tedious process.

As our real followers know, we would love to boost our “LIKES”. The purpose of which is to have as many people engaged and learning about Elan as possible. Hopefully as people learn more, they will like what they see, and that will turn into votes. There aren’t many votes for us in Bangledesh. Encourage people to get their information from Elan herself.

I’d encourage everyone to come out to one her events and meet her for yourself. Believe it or not, the other campaigns and anonymous bloggers who represent them don’t paint an accurate picture.

She is currently in Freshwater at PORAC and then on to Fortuna. Tomorrow, she will be in Hoopa.
- Jaison Chand


  1. First of all, Burns apparently figured out that integrity matters. Buying likes is essentially lying on your resume. Game over.

    Second of all, Firpo is not involved in any murder trials at the moment. She is assigned to a couple of cases, but none are currently in trial.

    If she were in a murder trial, by the way, it would be her first. The Tree case, should she stay on it, is scheduled for trial in March. The Bullock case is not even scheduled. Despite what you may read in the papers, until he is arraigned on an information to be filed after he was held to answer at prelim, the trial does not get scheduled. It is a safe bet that Bullock will not be going to trial anytime soon.
    And what possible bearing does the lack of experienced prosecutors have on the fact that Firpo faked her likes? If you want her to be D.A., fine, just say so.

    1. Do you have absolute proof that the likes were faked? You sound like a disgruntled campaign supporter or someone works in the courts with an axe to grind.

      You know for you wanna be or actual legal beagles, cowardice is supreme. If you allege stuff back it up with facts or shut up. Anonymous responses when you type libel is not om.

      Every time there is a DA's race you cowards take over the threads. Your opinion is like your guts, zilch.


  2. Following is rom the Outpost. I think this just about says it all:

    "Looks like the Cleary/Simms/Burns troika has decided who they support and so now begins the hit pieces on everyone else. Perhaps Cleary will send his paid Humboldt Area Foundation political propaganda staff to start a new "community group" to plug the chosen one."

    Is this really the best that Humboldt Area Foundation can do?

  3. Anonymous brings up a good point. It would sure be nice if someone would do a real news story on the waste and graft at Humboldt Area Foundation. Paid staff to work on political campaigns, spending more on staff than on grants, and worse. It's a total racket and being conducted with money raised by school kids and donations in memory of lost loved ones. Sick. HAF Board members should be tarred and feathered.

  4. Thank you Anonymous at 5:40 for your comment.

  5. Proof the likes from Dhaka were bought? This sounds pretty good. Scroll through the "people who like" search results, see all the profiles from Dhaka, Tanzania, Nigeria, who seem to have liked 1500-4000 others. Read the profiles where they exhort other "team"members to click more, earn more. And see also:
    There's just one problem: the liking was fake, done by a team of low-paid workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, whose boss demanded just $15 per thousand "likes" at his "click farm". Workers punching the keys might be on a three-shift system, and be paid as little as $120 a year.

  6. Anonymous disclose your name. Are you working for any campaign? Before clicking on any information reveal who you are. Anyone especially a rival could like a page.

  7. From LOCO commenter :

    SGT Ted • 3 hours ago
    No someone outside the campaign didn't pay for the likes, because there's a little "buy some clicks" button that is visible only to the page owner. I have no dog in this election fight. But evasive "somebody else must've done it" is pretty lame.

  8. Ferpo is rude. I was introduced to ferpo at a chamber meeting and simply because I had been talking to another candidate Ferpo turned up her nose and walked away. I am a community member and if she is supposed to be fair and just then why is she rude to folks who she doesn't know. Dollison even though he may be a good man, history shows that he is unstable. FLemming nothing bad to say I wouldn't be sad to her in the final two. Klein has lots of experience and ideas, and I wouldn't be unpset to see him in the last two as well.
    Our community deserves a good chance at change and I think that Flemming or Klein would be the optimal two to choose from. Too much dirt on the other two. If we expect folks in the community to play nice then we need our leaders to do so as well. Flemming and Klein have showed integrity to this point and we should reward that by giving them a clean fair game.

    1. Anonymous so your feelings were hurt and you diss Firpo. Dont even get her name right. So if Klein or Fleming or Dollison dont give you attention they lose your vote?
      You speak as if you know them all. Each candidate should be scrutinized.

      So you chose your top two. Others will have their top two. Fortunately everyone only gets 1 vote.

  9. No my feelings were not hurt and reducing my opinion to some type of emotional response is extremely dismissive and reductionist. My place as a community member however, makes it okay for me to say "hey the person who wants to be the protector and enforcer isn't concerned with community members if they are not in their camp. That is my perspective and just like everyone else I am allowed to have one. Being rude to people simply because they are talking with another candidate is dumb, and not fair or just (as her slogan suggests she is). That was my point. I have thicker skin then most of the candidates because my ego is not the one at risk. The candidates egos are. I don't give a shit if they talk to or not. I know my voice and opinion are not important because I only have a vote not money to buy votes to win a popularity contest. However, I do give a shit about how they treat community members. To your response of everyone will have their idea of who should be the top two. DUH...just like you however I can put my two cents in. So your attempt to stifle my voice is rude, dismissive and.....hmmm I wonder what camp you get that from. How do you know I don't know all of them? Ohhhh...because you are just talking out your ass trying to make excuses for someones behavior. Big deal I spelled her name wrong, it doesn't change her attitude.

    1. A bit defensive aren't you? You read into 1 vote and went off on a tangent of money buying votes. That shows you were coached by people who say that every election.

      And your reply is rude. So maybe your attitude is off putting. If you had a thick skin, you wouldn't make a big deal out of someone not talking to you.

      Candidates cannot please every one. You say you were offended Firpo didnt talk to you then you claim there is dirt on Firpo and Dollison. What dirt? Based on what? Blogs? Someone told you?

      And yeah spelling her name wrong is a big deal if you are blogging for another campaign or have an ulterior motive. Were you even at the Chamber event?

  10. I am baffled that A. Dollison would even consider running for DA! Especially since Fleming is in the race. OMG!

    I'm sure both Firpo and Klein are having serious doubts about their decison to run.

    Maggie Fleming has an abundance of experience for the position of District Attorney period. Her personal life is unblemished, she is extremely bright, professional, ethical,and just a delightful person in general. And she is reasonable. Being reasonable goes along with being fair.

    What more could you ask for in a DA?

  11. Oh Flemming camp, way to keep it discreet! Yes Maggie is all of those things. However, she is from a very privileged background. I am certainly not downing her for that, but it does concern me a little. How can someone keep the interests of all in mind when they only know the top? I actually do like Flemming. I think she is a very good and qualified candidate. However, getting over confident at this point in the game is a bit preemptive. With the exception of Ferpo all of these candidates really do want to help the community and address issues. I would be happy with either Flemming or Klein.

  12. I would say all four want to help the community. All four know what is wrong, and that it desperately needs to be fixed.

    NO ONE puts themselves through this process lightly. Maybe in some races for some positions, but not this one. There will be real, difficult, and some might say impossible work involved for whomever wins. And they will have given up a year of their life to this brutal process.

    Give them all some respect, and listen with an open mind.

  13. Rose very well said.

  14. Not defensive. You said my feelings were hurt. I responded . Nice job with the passive aggressive stance though.
    As for candidates deserve respect. Candidates don't simply deserve respect because they are running. Respect must be earned, not given. That is what wrong with politics. Status and popularity goes to people's head and think they deserve respect simply for being in the lime light. What a wonderful idea of entitlement.

  15. Anonymous you have issues. Get therapy. Every response is an attack. You have been trolling this site, you project, and your need for attention is pathological.

    Take your meds. I know you watch this site obsessively to get your fix. Quota for today has been used up. Unless you have the guts to run for public office or a comment that is related to the thread that isnt you working out your mental issues, what you think is irrelevant.

  16. I must respond to the comment about Maggie Fleming being from a "very privileged" background. Maggie is the youngest of several children from a working class Irish Catholic family from Oakland. Her mother passed away when she was a teenager and her father was a union man until his death a couple of years ago. Although there's nothing wrong with coming from privilege, that simply is not Maggie's situation.

  17. Thank you, Max.

    You know there have been far worse things said about previous candidates, of course.

  18. Blah Blah Blah the religious rights point of view...if you don't agree with me, you needs med. My word is the last word. My vote is the only one that counts. Blah blah blah. Sounds like your the one with anger issues. You can't even deal with a troll without crying about mental health. Blah blah blah!

  19. Hey 9:19 if you can't be productive then please continue on your way to troll somewhere else. We are trying to have a clean race, and you are not helping the situation. Yes, attention to detail should matter, but try and be productive. I volunteer for a campaign and I find it rather sad that this is how politics is going. All we see is a barrage of what people are doing "wrong" and that is simply just detouring from finding any real truths about these candidates. We work very hard to detach from the mud slinging and old ways of politics. I am not stating who I volunteer for, simply because that seems like it would simply be exploiting someone campaign issues for our gain. It will eventually all come out as to what type of leaders these candidates will be.

  20. Anonymous at 940 who ever you volunteer for is very lucky.


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