Tuesday, January 28, 2014

John Chiv: My 2 cents on the candidates for Humboldt County District Attorney

To win the DA’s race you need money, you need key endorsements from politicians and funders, you need some support from defense attorneys, you need to get those SoHum votes. - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. Bitter much? If you want to be even remotely viewed as anyone with substance keep your feelings out of it. Oh wait you can't you have nothing new to report, and you are just venting. Are you done with your self important tantrum yet?

  2. Aww someone's feelings got hurt. I don't pay attention to anonymous cowards.

    So hater, I had the guts to sign my name. Say it to my face. Stating the truth is not convenient nor about being popular.

    Also have the guts to comment on my blog, not watchpaul, not Lost Coast Outpost.

    Have you called out anyone else on their hateful comments.

  3. Why should I? I don't care? I was commenting on how bitter you are. I don't give a shit which one of these people win. The system is screwed no matter who runs it. If you don't respond to anons....why was there a reply? It appears you are the one with hurt feelings. Good bait though too bad no one bit except me....and I don't count. hahahahahahahah worthless troll you are!

  4. Mr. Chiv,
    I exercise my right to comment anonymously and will continue to do so. Second of all, I do not care about your 2 cents on political campaigning. The comments you continuously post here and on your blog are very sad. It is unfortunate that you can not put your personal agenda aside to be a good, objective reporter. What kind of background do you have (education/experience) to make you an expert at journalism and politics?

    As a reader of many blogs, I have time and time again, seen how you side with the female candidates, not giving EACH candidate a fair shake.

    As a voter, I would not place my vote in your hands nor take your "2 cents" as gospel. Let remind the readers, that Gallegos first election was run on a very grass root approach with very little money AND he won. Then, during his third election campaign, Jackson ran a very successful campaign with endorsements, key backers, and lots of money - she DID NOT win. Farmer ran the same type of campaign against Gallegos and he LOST. So, John Chiv your formula does not work here in our community. Our community deserves better than what they have been getting and the only candidates (after doing research!!) worthy of that are Klein and Fleming.

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    2. Come on WITH YOUR NAME and ask that question.

  5. Shame on you John Chiv to use Father Freed's death as a political angle! I am Christian and find your comment about which candidates offered their condolescent and which did not offensive! This is a private matter between each person and their God. I commend Mr. Klein for not using this as a campaign opportunity. You as a Christian should be ashamed of yourself for making this an issue! BTW, why aren't you making an issue that Firpo was assigned the case to prosecute so that she could get free press time and get her name out there.

  6. John, you always screen my comments on your blog. You don't play fair in the online world and that is why no one comments on your silly "blog". I too find your forgiveness of father Eric Freeds killer for your political gain to be sort of disgusting. You need help.

  7. To all of the above anonymous commentators, have the guts to say this to my face. I do not have to defend myself to anonymous attack tactics. My experience and integrity is not judged by those who cannot handle the truth.

    Yes I moderate the comments on my blogs because I think signing your name shows guts.

    To the anon who said I side with female candidates, your sexist attitude is obvious. Maggie and Elan regardless of their agenda are the most qualified candidates.

    The only people who have an issue with me locally are the liberals and progressives whose hateful tactics and mud slinging and name calling is all based on someone's political affiliation and who have no real argument.

    I did not use Fr. Freed's death. I mentioned it because Arnie had no problem calling me when he needed help. But a call expressing sympathy would have shown some class. Every other candidate had the decency to express their sympathy. That is not political. And don't think you can define who Christian is because none of you are. If you were you, your words and actions would reflect it.

    The fact that Arnie cannot apologize or have the class to admit he ever makes a mistake. Instead he goes behind my back bad mouthing me.

    If Mr. Klein cannot handle comments on my blog, he has no business running for office. He wants to be a public figure, he needs to be able to take what comes with the territory.

    Every single one of you are either Arnie himself, a supporter, a defense attorney who thought you would have Arnie elected and make some sweet deals, someone with a personal issue with me, Maggie or Elan, or someone who subscribing to the Salzman- Heraldo tactics. Where are your progressive blogs now? Dead and irrelevant because your hate failed in the last election and it will fail now.

    I pointed out some inconvenient truths for some people. If Arnie Klein had any class, he would control his supporters and himself and prove me wrong. He would have contacted me privately and discussed how he felt.

    Your hate of me, your hate of Rose is because you know the truth is being believed. Otherwise why would you care?

    Where were you when Allison Jackson was being attacked in the blogs last election? Where are you when Marian Brady, Virginia Bass, David Tyson are being insulted regularly in the so called local media? That's right. You are hypocrites.

    You vent venom and vent anonymously because you are powerless people with an agenda to prevent the truth from coming out.

    What have you done for this community other than post on anonymous blogs? You are a bunch of cowards.

    Freedom of speech isn't just for you. The fact that you attack me proves that you are afraid of the truth.

    Allan Dollison showed class. He called me. He took the analysis and understood where it came from.

    So after this, say what you want. People who know me for years know who I am. All your comments here will not change reality.

    The people of this county deserve a DA that is mature, fair and honest. They will get that with Maggie, Elan or Allan.

  8. The only reason you are allowed to vent your ROID RAGE and use your name is...you have NOTHING to loose. As for your righteousness about religion and liberals it's absurd that a LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN can even live with the dychotomy of reality and perception of self. That is why your are so full of hate. You hate who you are, band that is sad :( You brought Rose into this? So you are speaking for her now. Rose is a good person her voice counts. Yours does not. If you voice counted you wouldn't have to post your pitiful self serving delusional little blog to hers. Otherwise not one person would know who you are.
    Also you are the worst kind of "feminist". That is such an old ideology that you use. It is one that has been proven to create a bigger divide, and perpetuate hate. Before you want to spout about feminism learn the recent ideologies used. Gender is out you BIGGOT and equity is in. Just because you use your name does NOT mean you are not a troll. You are just a bad one with no meaningful life and should be ashamed of yourself that you are having such a public tantrum.

    PS. I am not related to any campaign and the fact that you reduce all options to that is childish. Be a grown up and have your tantrums in private, or get some help.

  9. Anonymous. John is a long-time friend. And John has also been the one doing the most reporting - and most in-depth reporting - on this particular race. John also has posting privileges here, whenever he chooses to exercise it.

    And BTW - None of the candidates in this race are Republican NTTAWWT, and it is a NON-PARTISAN RACE.

    It's a race that has only just begun - and the candidates are just getting their feet under them. They are about to run the gauntlet of fire. It will not be easy - for any of them.

  10. Did you really just defend him after all that? Rewarding bad behavior....sounds like you learned some lessons from Gallegos.

  11. See, this is why not using your name is a bad thing. If YOU don't have the courage to stand up for your own words... I don't know what to tell you.

  12. Using ones names does not constitute whether that persons option should be considered less valuable. There are many reasons folks use it, specifically because they may be connected to a department within the county, or they fear retaliation from the current da administration. Regardless the reason, people should feel that they can comment without all the hoopla.

    As for Mr. Chiv, you are supposed to be above all this as a so called freelance writer. You must remember many if not all you breaking news bits have been from leaks from the DA Office. You know exactly what I am talking about, it is not because of your fine reporting abilities. As for your anger. Towards Mr. Klein I find that soooo unchristian like. And your constant negative shots prove only that. I recommend you read Proverbs 15:18 and 18:12.
    I will pray for your hardened heart.

  13. Yeah, we can see the crocodile tears flowing ever so freely, anon who is not Christian but is pretending to be one here for actually religious attack on Christians like John. John you may remember certainly has a right to his opinions about candidates. The other fact is that when he talks about his feelings in the Bullock case he's talking from direct close personal experience as a Catholic with his priests in that very church and you trolls come at him for that? Gaaahhhhhhgggg...the level of political ethics in Prog activist circles is consistently too low to be believed that these guys actually can screw around with Humboldt County political races-but they get away with it in large part by just the sort of Anonymous vicious attacks on opponents that we see here. No names attached because they know what happened to Richard Salzman when he got exposed for his identity fraud shenanigans.

  14. In reference to Stephanie comment. Again you just like Mr. Chiv are behaving as hypocrites. You and john chiv condemn those who choose to exercise their freedom of speech because they choose to not disclose their name. It does not change how they feel, yet you condone his outlandish comments as being his right.
    You further offend by stating the intended am not a Christian! You do not have to be from the same denomination to be a Christian. Furthermore, being a Christian and acting Christ like are to different things, which I attempted to point out to him. Again, bringing religion (by making the comment in the first place) and by default referring to the candidates in this election by Mr. Chiv , politized the issue. I have no doubt he had a close connection with father Freed, but this is not what is in question here!

  15. John, you may want to check your stats. Looks to me like anon's tirade is driving a huge number of page views your way.

  16. You and chiv both have lost any scope of what integrity is, and how it works. You have spent all these years downing Paul for bad behavior, now here you are righteously acting no different. You two are what's wrong with politics. Opinions are just your own personal perception of the truth. Stop thinking your opinion is truth for all. Freakin control freaks.

  17. Hermit of Livry2/05/2014 8:33 PM

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  18. You know what 8:33 - your point is so far off topic - we're just not going there - go find a religious board or blog to have that discussion.


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