Monday, January 06, 2014

Bullock faces three counts: Murder with special allegations of torture and of first degree burglary; vehicle theft; and attempted arson. Bail set at $1.2 million.

Bullock pleads not guilty in priest's death - The Times-Standard

Gary Lee Bullock, who turned 44 today, faces charges of murder with special allegations of torture and of commission of first degree burglary. Bullock is also charged with vehicle theft and attempted arson. His bail was set at $1.2 million.

Bullock was arrested Thursday near his family's Briceland home after a sheriff's sergeant contact his mother. Bullock's stepfather drove him down the road of the rural home, where they were met by sheriff's deputies who conducted a traffic stop. Officials said Bullock did not know his family was surrendering him to authorities.

Bullock Pleads Not Guilty in Priest Slaying Case - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

With baggy eyes and a downturned mouth, Bullock showed no emotion as Judge John T. Feeney read the list of charges, which includes first degree murder, vehicle theft and attempted arson. The murder charge includes two special allegations — first, that it was committed in commission of first-degree burglary and, second, that the murder was intentional and involved torture.

The next court date is January 15th.

Elan Firpo is the assigned prosecutor.

That may change...


  1. You say that may change, regarding Ms. Firpo's assignment to this case. Why would that be? Does she have other commitments? One would hope and assume that the case would be assigned to the most experienced homicide prosecutor available. That would be Mr. Gallegos, and it is a pity he did not take the case himself. Is the office in such straits that Ms. Firpo is next most experienced in such cases, in which the death penalty is on the table? How many homicides has she tried, and with what results?

  2. I say that may change because it looks like a slam-dunk, and we know what Paul does with slam-dunk cases - and it is also getting national publicity - so - we'll see what he does... you think he is going to let Elan Firpo get that attention? When it could be his?

    The office has no one left - people don't really realize that. You can thank Richard Salzman and Paul Gallegos for that.

  3. Well I should hope that our current DA Gallegos would handle the case himself since he is the only seasoned felony prosecutor (which says a lot) left in that office with actual homicide, trial experience. Giving it to Ms. Firpo to handle would be a huge mistake and an insult to our community who deserve to have the best prosecutor assigned to this case. Let's hope Mr. Gallegos does the right thing.


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