Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fleming KickOff at Noon - Rain Or Shine

According to Facebook posts.

Maggie Fleming Campaign Kickoff today - John Chiv/Words Worth

VIDEO: Fleming Launches DA Campaign on Courthouse Steps - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost


  1. Flemming seems okay but I'm not supporting anyone who has Joel Mielke on their campaign. Biggest a-hole around. Sounds like Firpo's the one to me.

  2. Right. Salzman is YOUR guy.
    It's about the candidate, not the staff, and
    1) Maggie by a country mile and
    2) Salzman?

  3. I tend to agree with anon 6:53 PM about Joel but, don't hold that against Fleming. Look at it this way, she (Fleming) got something good out of Joel. You can't expect to approve of every person that is in favor of one candidate or the other.

    When I look at Fleming's endorsement list I shudder at more than one. It goes to show that she (FLeming) appeals to a wide variety of people because of all that she has to offer. Without saying anything negative about Firpo, Klien, or Dollison I believe that Fleming is the obvious best choice period.

  4. The line-up is not final yet - and there's a very long stretch ahead.


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