Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bullock preliminary hearing Day 3- Judge finds probable cause on all charges-Trial on February 5

Judge Marilyn Miles found probable cause once the preliminary hearing concluded for the Bullock case. She addressed each count and charge made by the People in their original complaint, addressed and suggested a different penal code may be more appropriate for the attempted arson charge. - John Chiv/Words Worth (Another scoop!)

New evidence presented today... read more, at the link.

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UPDATED: Bullock Will Be Held to Answer for Torture, Murder of Father Freed - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
Bullock Will Stand Trial for Murder of Eric Freed - Grant Scott-Goforth/The Journal
Gary Lee Bullock held to answer - Times-Standard
Bullock held to answer for murder of Eureka priest, prosecution alleges torture for sadistic purposes - KIEM News Channel 3 via Robyn Ridpath

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