Friday, April 22, 2011

You do understand don't you - that it was NOT providing POTENTIALLY EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE that got Gallegos' Douglas and Zanotti case in trouble, don't you?

Providing the defense with ALL the evidence in any case is NOTHING NEW.

"Brady List" Pfffffffffftttttttttt.


  1. Yes I do!!!!! I guess he forgot?

  2. get a life


  3. What, 10:59 - you want this all to go down the memory hole? Move along? there's nothing to see here?

    Oh, but there is.

    And the article today, with Gallegos piously implying that he practices what he spouts off about is - well, one more for the record.The plagiarizing, inflated resume, cover and spin record.

  4. Because it is important: two comments from the Times Standard article's comments thread:

    Jackie Wellbaum

    Who will 'Facebook' Allison Jackson to ask for a comment on "Humboldt County's Corruption Prevention" plan as outlined in Gallegos' statements regarding his Brady policy? As Thadeus Greenson in the Times Standard seems to imply and what Rose indicates above is that Brady is Brady. Each DA interprets and applies Brady concepts and requirements to their own prosecution cases. Do prosecutors in the DAs office decide which defense attorneys representing which citizens will be given the 'get out of jail free card' of a Brady notification? Because of what appears to be a SECRET BRADY LIST, the community which is funding law enforcement protection at the expense of art programs in schools and other trade-offs is left blind to who amongst their 'cop/employees' have sealed, Brady notations within their personnel files. For this reason, citizens could unknowingly have contact with law enforcement officers who's very association with any criminal proceedings against these citizens will never allow the case to see a jury. In other words, 'Brady-labeled' cops might as well volunteer to enforce overdue library notices issued by County library branches everywhere. Librarians would totally let these guys carry firearms. You know how librarians are folks.

    Perhaps keeping this Brady List secret until trial preparation 'discovery,' citizens ensnared in the system and busted by an 'un-reliable- cop will be worn down and accept a 'plea-deal.'

    Rose, where do you think this SECRET BRADY LIST is kept or is it in Gallegos' mind?
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    You know I am critical of this DA. But in this case - a "list" is - or should be - merely a list of officers who have been convicted of wrongdoing, said list is probably not even necessary in a County this size where there are only a handful, but in a larger area it would be kept SO THAT, if a case came up where one of those officers had testified or gathered evidence, and had been convicted of either lying or tampering with evidence (for example) that information WOULD be relayed to the Defense Attorney in question.

    This is NOT a secret list of all cops on his enemies list. It simply isn't. No matter what the article implies. Or it shouldn't be - with this DA I guess anything is possible.

    Seriously - the way this article is written it's like Gallegos discovered the Ark of The Covenant - when all it really is is he is, and ANY DA is, legally bound to turn over ALL evidence to the Defense. Including any evidence that might suggest the person is NOT guilty, or may be wrongly charged. It's the LAW, and he HAS TO follow it. It's NOT to keep anything secret - it is QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

    But - DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER what happened in the Douglas and Zanotti case? Gallegos, it turned out, FAILED TO PROVIDE POTENTIALLY EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE to the Defense. Thaddeus would do well to exercise his institutional memory on this.

    And, Jackie, the community is NOT funding law enforcement at the expense of art programs in schools. That is not accurate.

  5. Correctomundo! The "Brady" issue has been around for years. One question is why did it take so long for Gallegos to figure this one out? And Thadeous my boy there is a real story behind that. ask some hard questions.

    Brady requires a prosecutor to turn over information they have on a certain officer that committed or done specific things; purjury (My Word? or purjury in some other official capacity, not a fishing story lie or or lying to a spouse about being unfaithful in marriage).

    As it is, the reason the so called list is so short is because anyone that has done something worthy of "the list" has already been fired.

    If there were a "Brady" list for laywers would Galleos be on it? Would multiple counts of plargiarizm count?

  6. How about because Terry Farmer had no policy, and no list, because he was in the cop's pockets, which is why the left leaning majority of Humboldt threw him out of office. It is also why even though Allison Jackson had the endorsement of every single law enforcement organization in Humboldt County she still lost. She was the only DA Candidate in all of CA to lose a DA's race with every law enforcement organization endorsement. Rose, Humboldt hates cops. Deal with it.

  7. Terry Farmer was not in the cop's pocket, what a ingnorant statement.

    Farmer hated cops, cops hated him right back. And for your 411 Anonymous 10:13 AM Mike Mock had the backing of all the law enforcment in Humboldt County and barely lost to Farmer in about '96.

    Just because someone wins an election doesn't mean they were the best person for the job, or an ethical person. That goes for Farmer, Gallegos, and Obama too.


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