Friday, April 01, 2011

No mention of the "incivility" - no national handwringing, no expressions of concern, it's only death threats against Republican legislators

Cross Plains woman charged with sending death threats to lawmakers - Sixteen Republicans were warned they, families would be killed after vote on union measure

Perhaps you'd have thrown her a ticker-tape parade if she had carried out the threat.


  1. April Fool's right? You have to be kidding.

  2. Personnel at the Midland-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy reported the five calls to the FBI and the local police. Spokesman Michael Jahr told the Free Press they appeared to come from one or two women and made repeated references to “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC.

    The calls referenced both the ongoing fight over collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin and the state’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, as well as the FOIA controversy – in which the Mackinac Center asked the labor studies departments for any emails containing the terms “Scott Walker,” “Wisconsin,” “Madison” or “Maddow.” Rachel Maddow has criticized Walker for his push to severely curtail collective bargaining rights. The FOIA requests have also raised concerns about whether they could violate academic freedoms.

    In one of the calls to the Mackinac Center, the caller said, “Scotty Walker is dead. So are you. We know where you live.” She then recited the center’s address and said, “We are coming to destroy you.”

    In another call, the caller said, “You are the first place to be bombed.”
    -Detroit Free Press

  3. Yep, no outcry. No "together we thrive."

    And bombing the crap out of Libya hasn't elicited any outrage either.

  4. Did you get a job this week Rose?

  5. 9:47. Looks like you are an obssesive troll. Hugs!

  6. Gabrielle Giffords. Action is worse than threats. How many Republicans were shot? None that I know of.

  7. Talking Points Memo - a very liberal and very popular blog, has been all over it Rose. Lot of liberals are condemning it. It's just not being reported on Fox.

  8. Threats led to action, anonymous, do you forget that?

    And, Eric, Right - they care so much it became a HUGE deal - oh, no, that was what happened when they completely manufactured, out of thin air, blame for the "right-wing" over the actions of a lunatic.

    Here, you have a very deliberate series of actions, that quite definitely WAS stirred up by LEFT-WING rhetoric, Eric. I know a few blogs have covered it, but unless they could blame it on Sarah Palin, they're really not interested.

    Ditto bombing the shit out of the Libyans and failing to even speak to Congress. Ooooops - all that stuff we said for the last decade about hating war, well, forget we said that.

    I am sick to death of the hypocrisy - made grotesquely macabre over Jared Loughner, and standing in clear stark bare reality now.

    I used to think there was still common ground to be found. I don't think so anymore.

    The woman who issued these threats was well-employed. Look up her salary. She works with kids. Hopefully not anymore. She was willing to threaten to put a bullet in the brain of elected officials because she is asked to pay a little bit of her own health insurance. And I STILL don't see any huge response from her fellow travelers.

    Get real.

  9. What's the real point here? Is anybody think this woman should not be arrested for her threats?

    And who listens or watchs Rachel, other than Eric?

    As to Libya. There is a lot to be said; who are these opposition people Obama, France, and the UK have teamed up with? They are just protesters? In watching the news I see dozens of expensive Toyota trucks with 23 mm anti aircraft guns, 50 caliber machine guns, 30 caliber machine guns, recoilless rifles, and rocket launchers mounted on them! Everybody and their brother is carrying an AK47! How did all these oppressed people get all this heavey duty military hardware so quick? Doesn't make sense! Q. is a dictator in power for 40 years! A horrible oppressor! Where do all the military goodies and new trucks come from all of the sudden ??????

    The no fly zone in Iraq consisted of U.S. (and Brit) planes not allowing Iraqi planes to fly in a specified area (a zone). They could fire on any anti aircraft radar that was turned on. In Libya we (U.S., Britain, France, Qutar, etc) are bombing the planes on the ground, military targets, and more way beyond a "no fly zone". No fly zone my ass we are acting as the air force for people we don't even know their names, their motives.

    I have no problem with killing Q. and the Lockerbye bombing guy. But why now? Because they suspected Q. might kill civilians? That there might have been a "bloodbath". Can our police go out and arrest or shoot someone they think might commit a crime? Is that the American way.

    I have gone on too much, forgive me.

  10. After 8 long years of hearing how we shouldn't be policeman of the world, of trying to point out that we were there for humanitarian reasons (real ones) as much as anything else, to have this sudden FLIP without even the batting of any eyelash - my exasperation has turned to rage.

    You whined and bitched and marched in the streets complaining about an "illegal war" and now that you really have one - not a sound - except for a few intellectually consistent people like Kucinich, who really does have the courage of his convictions.

    You let women be butchered - on soccer fields, and in jails and in the streets of Iran.

    You said nothing as young girls were buried up to their elbows, and stoned as young and old men assaulted her and jockeyed for position with their cellphones to get a good shot of the cinder block crushing her skull and putting an end to the barbarity.

    Your hero stood by and did nothing as women were killed in the streets of Iran, and we stood by and did nothing because we were crippled by your 8 years of temper tantrums.

    You donned black robes and stood on the corner "in solidarity" - where are you now?

    And why on earth are we arming the people we are fighting in Afghanistan? Obama has been on TV every other day and yet he cannot bring himself to speak on this one? He hides in Brazil, hides from the cameras, and refuses to talk to Congress - and you are all of with that. That tells us a lot about who you "progressives" are.

    And every so often we are treated to another temper tantrum - the last one being the great heaving sobs and rending of cloth over Jared Loughner in your desperate attempt to blame innocent people for the actions of a madman.

    Then - faced with one of your own - influenced by the LEFT - not a peep, nary a news article, not a sound.

    You haven't gone on too long, 8:58. It is an outrage - and it should be called out as what it is.

  11. Rose, you seriously need a job. Seek help for your addiction.

  12. Elected officials of both sides (equal piles of the same crap as far as I'm concerned) need to be aware that when they start making decisions that adversely effect people's lives, those people are going to get angry. We are reaching a boiling point here, and the previous comment about there being no common ground is just about right. That is unfortunate, but what led to this? The fault as I see it can be assigned to both sides.

  13. And, Eric, Right - they care so much it became a HUGE deal - oh, no, that was what happened when they completely manufactured, out of thin air, blame for the "right-wing" over the actions of a lunatic.

    They're making it a bigger deal than the Republican leadership has made of thousands of death threats and acts of violence against liberals over the past few years. Remember the Kentucky incident in which the guy went "hunting for liberals" at the Unitarian Church. De Nada from conservatives. Not even Nancy Grace covered it, and she jumps over all incidents like that one.

    But liberals are condemning these death threats. It appears that the rock with the car incident was conjured up.

    Ditto bombing the shit out of the Libyans and failing to even speak to Congress. Ooooops - all that stuff we said for the last decade about hating war, well, forget we said that.

    A decade ago I and many other liberals put partisanship aside and supported the attempt to hung Bin Laden down in Afghanistan, even to the point of toppling a regime. I wish conservatives today would show the same kind of unity. But it only works one way.

    At least Obama didn't make up evidence about "weapons of mass destruction" in a state of the union address.

  14. Boehner is doing the right thing - Planned Parenthood and all government funding of abortion must be stopped. And all environmental regulations must be abolished so our business can compete in the global market.


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