Tuesday, April 19, 2011


US Uncut advertised this as the true populist uprising rally, as a contrast to the phony astroturfed Tea Party. But if you invite the public to a rally beginning at 5pm and running to 6:30pm, and the organizers show up as a group early at the assigned place and then depart ten minutes before the public even has a chance to join in; and then go on a flash-mob march that features rehearsed choreographed dances; then it becomes completely obvious that this isn’t a mass movement, but rather just a small activist group doing political skits which they had practiced ahead of time, with no public involvement whatsoever.

Of course, since JPMorgan Chase is off the table, the plot having been exposed (caught on tape) a couple weeks ago, Bank of America is a convenient stand in. The game is in play, the scripts are assigned, the meme is "We're not broke (heads in sand), There's PLENTY of money! It's just that THEY (insert target du jour here) have it, and you don't, and you need to take it back! Hate the rich, Rah Rah Rah!"

Once you know the drill you can catch it - everywhere! Read up on the planned Union protests... that verbiage is inserted, it's all the evil corporations, if they'd just fork it over, the state wouldn't be going broke, No-o-o-o-o-o.

And, of course, we have our local group of Soros whores: ◼ The rallies are part of a campaign called “Make Them Pay.” Oh, and lookie-there, Michael Moore surfaces again. Makes you want to see the money trail, doesn't it?

Tea Party vs. US Uncut: A San Francisco Tax Day Showdown - Compare and contrast.


  1. 4 posts in one day?

    Alotta free time on your hands these days?

  2. Nah, just behind on a few things.

  3. Rose, are you saying that George Soros wants to have his taxes raised? Warren Buffett says the same thing. This is nothing new. What is new is that after lowering personal income taxes on the upper 2 percent for the past 50 years, they now call it class warfare when the poor fight back.

    Rose if things get too uneven as they are becoming, the rich will be singled out for who they are. Tax dodgers that don't want to pay their fair share for living in a free, productive society. They will become targets for the masses of poor beggars and sick people looking for a hand out. Others may turn violent against the rich and start throwing rocks and stuff. This happens now in other countries with similar wage disparities. When it gets bad enough, the rich will cash out and move from this country after they have helped to turn it into a third world country. After all who wants to be a rich person in a poor country?

  4. So I guess that begs the question Rose, when are you leaving and where will you go?

  5. NOTHING is stopping Buffet from paying more. He is FREE to contribute all or part of his "extra: income to the government. I haven't notices him doing that, have you?

    Soros certainly doesn't want to pay more in taxes, he wants to make sure you do - while he rakes in the billions from Obama approved drilling in foreign nations, whilst it is being squashed here, arguably because of Soros' long-running propaganda campaign. (Sort of like what you are seeing here today.) And, don't forget, cheating on your taxes seems to be a requirement for getting hired in the Obama White House.

    Tom, seriously, you're not that stupid. Take the rhetoric and set it aside. You are smart enough to know that this campaign has been developed in some think tank somewhere designed to appeal to people just like you. Playing the corporate boogeyman card is getting old, especially when you are ignoring GE and what is going on there.

    But, you're all about keeping it local right? Think globally, act locally, right? Ok, then, where are the parades demanding that the dope growers pay their taxes?

    Let's not play ignorant.

  6. How stupid can you get Tom.If you and I go to the store and buy a loaf of bread. The same loaf of bread, why should you pay more for it than I do based on our income. Government is a product we purchase with income tax. Nothing more. Fair share, based on standard, how much has been spent by the drunken sailor elected members of our government. If you taxed the top 400, threw in all movie stars, sports folks, the next 200 after the Forbes list and tons of other rich peoples stuff you could not support our government spending for a year. Then what, all the investment capital is gone. Nothing to invest. Not a thing to build on.

    People who believe that some folks make more money based on some luck concept are the same ones who fill casinos playing slot machines. My god, look up the 60mins stuff by I believe its Steve Croft on Soros. He is one evil SOB.

  7. Who's more evil, Soros or the Koch brothers?

  8. Soros - and his fellow travelers - of which he is not even the worst, just the most visible.

  9. Good Point Anonymous. Who is more evil?

    The Koch brothers made their money skimming barrels of oil off their delivery pipelines literally steeling from their customers. They were sued by their own brother over this. They also made fortunes building the Russian oil fields so that they would have the energy to build the war machine that was pointed at the US for decades.

    Soros founded the open society foundations and made billions off of hedge funds.
    He was a bit more complex as he seemed more interested in social engineering than just stealing what he could from his customers.

    He once said:

    Natural resources such as oil, gas, and minerals can potentially generate billions of dollars in revenues that can be used for poverty reduction and sound investment. Yet for decades, secrecy has allowed corruption to thrive in countries such as Angola, Cambodia, and Libya.

    So you see there isn't really that much difference between the two except for the fact that Soros knows what empathy is.

  10. Oh and the whole thing that brought this up? Do either of you have any idea how hard it is to train at the last minute, the general public to do coreographed dances?

  11. That's the whole point, Tom. It wasn't spontaneous - and it isn't grassroots. Do you know how much it costs for all those preprinted signs? All those T-shirts that they're usually wearing, all in "solidarity"? It is an outrage that they co-opt a term that was earned by people who knew real suffering, and fought hard against a real aggressor.

    It's about the term ASTROTURF - and that is exactly what the professional left is - and all the jumping up and down and finger pointing trying to deflect attention from that reality is absurd. As Zombie so often, and so deftly, points out.

  12. What's with your love affair with B of A? Are you proud of the tax payers giving them a bailout? I know they paid it back like GM. Cool. Now they are making money.
    They had a great first quarter, posting profits by investing to drive up food and gas prices and other commodities.


    I know a few disabled people. When we workers got our George Bush tax refund or bailout 4 or 5 years ago, these people got theirs through their disability accounts. Some of these people have nothing but the 700-dollars a month that comes into these accounts. It is my understanding that they weren't given a choice of banks and B of A was in charge of the accounts. At least they were for the 3 people that I confirmed this with. B of A showed the money in peoples accounts several days before the money was actually there. All 3 persons said they accessed it for small charges for a few days and then were overdrawn with 40-dollar fines for each cup of coffee or sandwich they purchased. Most of them got less than 30 dollars of the 400 that it cost us tax payers. B of A should be shamed out of business. Stealing from your customers is not something to be admired for. Ask the third Koch brother.

    You are making this about the protest instead of the nations largest home mortgage holder. They are too big. They need to be broken up. They need to stop stealing from people. Just because their lawyers can make what they do legal, doesn't make it right.

  13. I'm no fan of BofA. But this lunacy of attacking corporations has got to stop. Like - who is the hate-target du jour. Did you MISS the recording of Lerner laying out the plan, Tom? Don't you feel - something - about the way they use you? Do you realize BofA wasn't the target? But now it is standing in.

    Don't you SEE Michael Moore laying out the talking points, seizing the opportunity they thought they had in Wisconsin? They broke it a bit early, Moore laid it out almost word for word. Speaking of money - what was his payoff for that?

    The bad business practices of BofA have been around for 30 years. WHY NOW, Tom? It's because there is a game in play - and you are an unwitting part of it.

  14. When Death Threats Are a Way of LIfe
    From the Des Moines Register, here's a story at once hilarious and infuriating:

    A case of mistaken identity has entangled a small family-owned Des Moines company in union protests and led to a death threat.
    Angry callers are mistaking Koch Brothers, a Des Moines office supply firm, with the brothers who own Koch Industries, the global energy conglomerate. Billionaires Charles and David Koch have fought Wisconsin unions, financed the tea party and opposed climate change rules.

    Dutch Koch, president of the Des Moines company, wants everyone to know he's not one of those Koch brothers, and he's not politically active.

    "I initially thought it was humorous to be confused with a multibillionaire," he said, but then a death threat was left on his answering machine. Koch reported the call to the FBI, which he said traced it to a California man.

    And did THAT - another death threat from the left - make it onto the news? No. This is real. Not just the insane imaginings that we all had to live through a few months ago. When we got the lecture about "civility."

    This is one of multiple death threats from people who are all worked up by the propaganda, Tom. And not a peep. 'Cause they're doing God's work, I guess. Or Soros'. That kindly old gentleman who only wants a "more just" society.

  15. Didn't you just say that this was from the Des Moines Register? Did they or didn't they report it?

    I was protesting B of A back when they were called Bank of America. They couldn't keep my account straight from my dads. At 16 years of age, I left the bank with my money and put it elsewhere.

  16. I'm with you on moving accounts from BofA, Tom, it's just that extending that, which is real, into this other realm is where I draw the line. Moving your account is appropriate. participating in this meme, which is drawn up by people whose motives are less than pure is beneath you.

    But anyway - since you're on the topic of wealth - here's a link for ya

  17. Recently, we just gave $2 billion to Brazil’s oil giant Petrobraus; another corporation Soros has on his impressive “New World Order” hedge fund portfolio. Petrobraus is currently drilling off of our own shores as we speak. The oil they are drilling isn’t going straight to the Americans directly for oil price relief either. It’s going straight into the world supply for speculators to make sure we get the shaft. After all, it’s a Brazilian operation.

  18. Reading this steaming pile of blog while watching Glen Beck is more fun than Comedy Central. Keep up the good work right-wing whackos. I have lots of popcorn.

  19. Rose, all oil in the free world is sold on the world market. I see little difference between Soros and BP. The way socialist democratic countries get around this is to tax the hell out of it and use that for investments in renewable power. That stays right there in their country.

    This helps them lower their need to purchase oil from Soros or the Saudis or Venezuela or Libya.

    We are part of the problem because we encourage these countries or companies to take advantage of us.


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