Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Does Marijuana Cause Global Warming?'

'Does Marijuana Cause Global Warming?' New 'Study' by Evan Mills of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory finds indoor Cannabis production has a very large carbon footprint' EMills@lbl.gov Visit Site
'Potheads Destroying The Climate': Forget the oil company execs. 'Put the hippies on trial for climate crimes' -- 'Pot growers inhale 1% of U.S. electricity, exhale GHGs of 3Million cars'
at Climate Depot
AGRICULTURE: Pot growers inhale 1% of U.S. electricity, exhale GHGs of 3M cars — study (04/11/2011)

Gaia Versus Ganja - Ed Driscoll


  1. Hey, Rose believes in Global Warming!

    You finally came around Rose!

    Wow, what a day!

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  3. too bad it's not safe to grow marijuana in your back your

  4. Rose...
    does this mean you believe in Global Warming? I'm not being a smart ass here, just really curious.

    If not, it would seem you just posted these links because they are anti-marijuana. I'm not assuming anything. Perhaps you can straighten me out and explain why you did post this "study?"

    Was it just a case of, "I'm just saying?"

  5. No. I don't "believe" in "Global Warming" but a lot of the pot-advocate warmistas here do - I just find it amusing - as I always have - that those who lament all of mans' "guilt" and who are so willing to don the hair shirts ALWAYS give pot growers a pass. Whether it is diesel in the rivers, or Vilica style bulldozing of entire hillsides and fouling of the creeks (for which they so readily sue normal people) to the "make the rich pay more (but not the pot kings who can afford $70,000 engagement rings and Hummers..."

    It's just funny, Dave - like rhetoric carries the day - no respect for the real people who do follow the rules, using the rules as an attack mechanism but not following them, and especially those who preach "justice for all" when they practice anything but. The disconnect is so huge that it is impossible to ever put this thing back together.

    The "new normal" means you can be put on trial for letting your kid walk in front of you on a sidewalk, but a guy with 9 felonies is let out to (almost) kill a man...

    The Fernbridge Cafe guy gets arrested BY THE DA - oh what's the use. Humboldt County is sick. And there's no cure that I can see.

  6. Well... I totally got the ironic humor, and rather enjoyed Rose’s poke in the ribs of the warmistas. I don’t know how anybody could have gotten that Rose advocates the Global Warming agenda with this post.

    Good one Rose! You made them flinch.

    Some of us can even know that pollution is bad, global warming has been happening for 22,000 years, and they are separate issues.

  7. Also
    I personally am not against marijuana, but I am against the waste and pollution of the indoor grows. Not a good way the save the planet. I totally get Rose’s focus and agree with her. It is a little two faced to whine about pollution while being a major contributor by using energy, and in a few rather dramatic cases cause great pollution though diesel spills and other chemicals.

    Some outdoor growers that I know, grow responsibly. If anybody uses marijuana for medicine, they should make sure that it has been grown outdoors in a pollution free manner.

  8. Exactly, Ernie - we have been against POLLUTION and WASTE since the 70s and even before. Dammit, back to the land and eschewing material goods was what the Hippie movement was all about before it got twisted by drugs.

    We were there - recycling (which is GREEN) was what it was about - reusing barn wood for houses, patching and embroidering clothes, the base from which reusing glass and rubber tires (for roads) etc. sprang.

    And corporate America, after Love Canal, came along. Somewhere along the way, the shysters like Al Gore discovered they could use the nation's "catholic guilt" to beat them up and make demands, herd them into a particular mentality, and essentially create (as Crichton eloquently pointed out) a new religion.

    And so many of our friends bought the thing hook, line and sinker - one former friend telling me how he and his wife had to wear sweaters in their cold house because of global warming. To which I said, "WHY would you do that? When your neighbor has a $5,000 a month PG&E bill and you are applauding their lifestyle choice?"

    I can understand frugality - saving money, eschewing material things, living off the land - I can't understand the hair shirts and self flagellation. And I especially cannot comprehend the blind hypocrisy of it all. Nor can I remain silent about the result - one of which is keeping a shitty Da because he is pot-friendly, especially knowing the price being paid by victims in this county.

    As far as pot goes - grow all you want for yourself, I don't care - what I do care about is the picking and choosing that goes on here - deciding to ignore lawbreakers who flout not only the pot laws, but the business laws and tax laws - at the same time spouting the we hate the rich meme.

    I'll give the soapbox back to you. :)

  9. Sometimes I can be as thick as mud!

    Irony. Of course. I should have finished my first gallon of coffee before asking you that Rose.

    Good points Ernie.

  10. You're not going to like the NCJ article Rose


    Let the Tea Party spin begin!

  11. Greetings everyone!
    I am asking you to ignore the impostors of Nicholas Bravo and to tune in to The Nick Bravo Show exposing corruption in Humboldt County and beyond. I am also working on future episodes of Ayn Rand specifically the book The Virtue of Selfishness.
    Feel free to download them from the internet archive of accesshumboldt.net


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