Thursday, April 14, 2011

Criminal Charges Filed Against Eureka Police Officer Daniel “Danny” Kalis - Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin)

Accused officer on the job with warrant out; officer faced misdemeanor charges in 2010; ex-wife files for restraining order

DA Press Release:
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Date: April 14, 2011
Contact: District Attorney Paul Gallegos
Phone: (707) 268-2571, (707) 267-4400

Criminal Charges Filed Against Eureka Police Officer

In January 2011, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office (HCDA) Investigations Bureau began receiving reports of alleged criminal conduct on the part of Eureka Police Department (EPD) Officer Daniel “Danny” Kalis. Between January and March 2011, HCDA investigators began gathering information to either substantiate or disprove the claims of misconduct.

In March, Officer Kalis became the subject of a formal Internal Affairs Investigation initiated by the Eureka Police Department and Kalis was placed on Administrative Leave on March 7, 2011. The Internal Affairs Investigation uncovered evidence of potential criminal conduct and the Eureka Police Department sought assistance from the HCDA Investigations Bureau. On March 16, 2011, representatives of the Eureka Police Department and the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office met to discuss the status of their individual investigations to that point. It was then decided to initiate a joint EPD/HCDA investigation to examine Officer Kalis’ potential criminal conduct while he was a member of the Eureka Police Department.

As a result of that extensive investigation, the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office has filed the following criminal charges against Officer Daniel Kalis:
H&S11350(a) Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin)
PC4570 Unauthorized Communication with a Prisoner
H&S11357(c) Possession of more than 1 ounce of Marijuana
PC236 False Imprisonment
B&P4060 Possession of Controlled Substances without a Prescription
CVC1808.45 Unauthorized Disclosure of DMV Records
PC502(c)(7) Unauthorized Access to Computer Network
PC488 Petty Theft
PC594 Vandalism

The matters are scheduled for arraignment in Humboldt County Superior Court on May 16, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. The investigation continues and additional criminal charges may be filed.

Relating to this investigation, District Attorney Paul Gallegos stated, “State and local law enforcement’s first obligation is to enforce California laws and I know it is a sad day for all law enforcement when we must prosecute an officer that has failed to do that.  Hopefully Humboldt County citizens will see this joint investigative effort as evidence that their law enforcement agencies

are committed to providing the highest caliber of law enforcement and putting the community’s interests above all others.”

HCDA Chief Investigator Mike Hislop added, “Although it is unfortunate when law enforcement is forced to investigate one of their own, this investigation demonstrates our common position that abuse of authority by police officers will not be tolerated. I commend the Eureka Police Department for seeking assistance with this sensitive matter and commend the EPD/HCDA investigative team for quickly and efficiently completing the complex investigation.”

According to Eureka Police Chief Nielsen, effective April 1, 2011, Officer Kalis is no longer employed with the Eureka Police Department. “Such allegations, if proven, cast a pall upon a noble profession which derives its legitimacy from the public trust,” Nielsen said. “The violation of that trust impacts the profession, our organization and the dedicated men and women who place themselves in harms way to ensure the safety of our communities.” Nielsen stressed that complaints or allegations received by his office are taken seriously and investigated objectively and thoroughly. “We are an organization which holds the public trust above all else and will not permit anyone to violate that which so many work so diligently to earn and maintain,” he added.

Members of the community with information regarding potential criminal actions conducted by Officer Kalis are urged to contact Eureka Police Department Senior Detective Todd Wilcox at (707) 441-4315 or HCDA Investigator Wayne Cox at (707) 268-2591.

Kalis arrested: Former Eureka Police Department officer booked, released Monday
Former Eureka police Officer Daniel “Danny” Kalis was brought into custody Monday, some six months after a misdemeanor warrant was issued for his arrest.

Kalis -- who was charged last week with drug possession, theft and other charges -- was named in the September 2010 warrant after failing to appear at a court hearing in which he was to be arraigned on four misdemeanor Department of Fish and Game violations.

Humboldt County District Attorney Chief Investigator Mike Hislop said he called Kalis on Monday and he agreed to turn himself in.

”We met him down at the Bayshore Mall and he surrendered there,” Hislop said. “He was completely cooperative.”

Hislop said Kalis was booked into jail on Monday and was released after promising to appear May 16 for an arraignment on both the old and new charges.

Kalis was placed on administrative leave by the EPD on March 7, the same day the department launched an internal affairs investigation into allegations surrounding his conduct. He resigned from the force on April 1.

The DA's Office announced last week that it was charging Kalis with nine criminal counts -- including heroin and marijuana possession, petty theft, false imprisonment, vandalism and accessing DMV records without authorization -- on the heels of an investigation it launched in January.

EPD Chief Garr Nielsen said Monday that he only learned of the DA's investigation last week and expressed disappointment that he wasn't notified of a criminal investigation targeting one of his officers.

”I think that, as the head of an organization, I should be notified when one of my personnel is under investigation unless that investigation directly involves me,” Nielsen said. “First of all, I think it's common courtesy. But it would also ensure that I don't have someone out there that is potentially a threat to the public that I'm not aware of, or somebody who is potentially compromising confidential information that I'm not aware of.”

Hislop said Nielsen had contacted him and expressed his views.

The investigator said it was a difficult decision not to inform Nielsen -- a decision ultimately made by District Attorney Paul Gallegos.

”We really mulled it over for a long time,” Hislop said....

Former EPD officer arrested on outstanding warrant, released
Accused officer on the job with warrant out; officer faced misdemeanor charges in 2010; ex-wife files for restraining order


  1. Why isn't this guy in jail?

  2. Due to Danny Kalis's prior history by complaints from the community and or prior charges in law enforcement,and prior acusations against Danny Kalis, Paul Gallegos should do his job thorouly and if Danny Kalis is charged with any of these accusations Gallegos should charge him to the the fullest extent of the law due to him being a public figure to the community and fellow police officer. and if you cant trust a police officer then who can you trust?

  3. Thank god it's Paul Gallegos doing the job and not Allison Jackson. Kalis and his cronies gave thousands to fund her campaign so that they would not be prosecuted by the New Day DA. She would never have filed this case. All cops are good cops in AJ's mind. Gallegos keeps Law Enforcement clean here in Humboldt. Gallegos for DA forever.

  4. Anon 7:09, Richard I thought you learned a lesson. Use your own name when you post this trash. Your such a low human being it is unreal.

  5. Law enforcement's unanimous vote of no-confidence in Gallegos exists for a reason. Salzman tries to take the negative and use it as a strength by making up lies like the one above.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. He knows it. Law enforcement knows it. Gallegos knows it, and he continues to allow Salzman to conduct his dirty tricks on Gallegos' behalf.

    It's dishonest, it's despicable and it is a hallmark of this DA and his way of conducting business.

  6. And Nick Bravo - if you want to discuss things political you are going to have to stop the insane lies of another kind. Those comments will be deleted permanently, but you, and all others should know that they don't really go away.

  7. @ Rose

    What exactly are you implying that they don't go away? You know what go ahead and forward it - I could give a fuck less at this point!

    It's acceptable for scumbags like Kevin Hoover, Greg Casagrande, the state sponsored thugs, and unknown stalkers in Arcata to slander me but when I come forward with factual statements, i am censored and told "no nick YOU can't do that".

    Go ahead and delete this comment too, cunt.

  8. Unlike most of the cowards that post here i am not afraid to let people know who I am. I will not be silenced nor will i let anyone push me around. I have people approach me on the street nearly every day for having the balls to say what I say on my show.

  9. Richard at 7:09 doesn't see anything wrong with the DA possessing his own pot. But it is a bit ironic that the DA is a stoner and is going after another stoner. And I don't care who that stoner is.

  10. I love this much better than Times Slander!

  11. Gallegos doesn't keep shit clean. He's still the same Gallegos

  12. Does ‘Dereliction-of-Duty’ Just Happen Serindipidously?

    *Full Grand Jury Probe Demanded Into the Eureka Police Department’s Entrenched Culture*

    All law enforcement professionals and department line-of-command should be held to a higher standard than civilians--not in terms of normal human foibles but in terms of law and order. They've gone to college in many cases, then onto the academy, taken sworn oaths, are sent annually to training courses to keep up skills and acquire additional skills all to uphold complex laws and to work to keep communities more safe, more peaceful. Law enforcement officers are considered 'experts' by the public and, given their years of specialized training, would be expected to understand what is right and wrong not only in spirit but by the letter of the law.

    Given what is emerging daily surrounding this inexplicable matter, I’m calling on my fellow citizens to demand that a fair and impartial Grand Jury be assembled and appointed by the end of next week (22-Apr-2011). A Grand Jury, once appointed, would promptly examine whether or not behavior outside of the crimes alleged to have been committed by Officer Kalis might have contributed to a once valued police officer being denied the help he needed far earlier in the process and before the unknowing public was exposed to an Officer who it may turn out, was unfit for duty long before his departure from the department on April Fools day. Among other things, victims of Officer Kalis’ alleged crimes could have been spared their suffering and loss. And finally, the as-yet uncounted number of criminal cases in which Officer Kalis participated in seeing through to resolution must now all be re-examined by defendants’ attorneys, many of whom work as public defenders. Such individuals still serving time in prison may now petition the court to have their cases re-processed or dropped altogether. This all translates into a tremendous burden on local institutions when we are far from flush. And the embarrassment of it all.

    Such an embarrassing scandal does NOT represent or promote the famed Humboldt brand and does not attract tourism or industry from outside the community nor does it inspire pride from within. Where oh where did this train veer so far off the tracks? And why? Weren’t there policies in place that were carefully followed and more carefully documented?

    Only a Grand Jury will be able to tell us. I implore the county Board of Supervisors to call for an emergency meeting this next week in order to appoint an investigative body now, not later. If we’re lucky, all of this will be behind us soon and we can again look with pride upon those professionals who take on the dangerous, unpredictable task of keeping the Peace.

    Respectfully submitted,


  13. Valid points. Thank you.

  14. Wow, you demand a grand jury probe into the Eureka Poilce Departments "entrenched culture".

    Maybe I should demand that you get a job,pay taxes, and watch Fox News?

  15. How ironic that investigator wayne cox is handling the investigation just like he did with the Crowley case. He will probably botch that one up too! but wait, why hasn't the times slander reported on those allegations against investigator Cox? There hasn't been one new article in TS about those charges.

  16. Specifically, in Jackie's comment above: "...the as-yet uncounted number of criminal cases in which Officer Kalis participated in seeing through to resolution must now all be re-examined by defendants’ attorneys, many of whom work as public defenders. Such individuals still serving time in prison may now petition the court to have their cases re-processed or dropped altogether..." is a valid point.

  17. Rose, that person claiming to be Nick Bravo is not him. Nick is too focused on his show on access humboldt and dealing with being homeless to post on the local blogs. Please delete that persons posts and ban them. Also, recently nick's laptop was hacked and the person created a fake FB account, got into his email accts, and has been on a campiagn of slander. It is a local who is doing this out of simple revenge.

  18. Nicholas Bravo4/17/2011 5:31 PM

    Rose, recently someone hacked into my accounts and apparently also stole my blog acct. they got into everything. I am appauld by the fact this person is doing this but am not surprised. I would never call you a cunt, and as the previous poster said, I am too busy trying to piece my life back together to bother with the local blogosphere.

  19. Thanks for letting me know, Nick.

  20. Anonymous @ 5:05 is obviously Nick speaking in third person. Wasn't too long ago that Bravo was acting as three different identities to escape the blame of his many slanderous statements. Honestly, Nick please stop crying wolf and find something more productive to do. Get some professional help.

  21. Anon, I've been busy with my show The Nick Bravo Show exposing corruption. Have you seen my episodes on kevin hoover and congressman thompson? I've also been doing some episodes from Ayn Rand's book The Virtue of Selfishness. You can download them from the internet archive of


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