Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The victim, who was hospitalized for stab wounds to his chest and back, said he had been assaulted while seated in his vehicle

No answers to the questions...

In other news: ◼ Maggie Jean Wortman back in custody
A 26-year-old Loleta woman facing allegations of killing her 6-week-old son by feeding him methamphetamine-laced breast milk was arrested again last week on drug charges.

Maggie Jean Wortman, who had been free after posting $50,000 bail, appeared in Humboldt County Superior Court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to a single count of violating her probation by using a controlled substance. She is due to appear in court again Wednesday for a bail hearing.
Wortman was arrested in December after her infant son, Michael Phillip Acosta III, was transported to a local hospital on Nov. 21 because he was not breathing. He was later pronounced dead, and a subsequent autopsy concluded he died of “methamphetamine toxicity.”


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  2. Thank you anonymous for your support. It seems like a day does not go by that someone comes up to me and thanks me on the message of hope and freedom I try and bring to the people of Humboldt County.

    I am also enjoying reading your blog! :)

    Nick Bravo

    Co-Founder Freedoms Humboldt
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  3. Nick - I've enjoyed your YouTubes - nice to see you - just not gonna have the attacking Kevin thing happening here.


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