Monday, April 18, 2011

In the 'you should live under the same rules your constituents have to follow' category

Evans: $300 monthly car stipend too little - Press Democrat
No sooner had a state commission voted to take away her taxpayer-financed vehicle, replacing it with a flat $300-a-month payment for driving her own car, than state Sen. Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, was on Twitter complaining about the raw deal.

What does the average California business person have to do? How about the heavy equipment operators? What about all that paperwork?

And is it appropriate for a sitting Senator to be bitching on Twitter?


  1. You pay your income taxes today Rose?

  2. Funny part is Rose/John in probability paid more taxes than what you made dip shit.Unlike most of her troll anons, Rose is a productive member of our community.

    As far as Evans is concerned, or any of those nitwits in the legislature, get used to living within your means. Its the new reality.

  3. If she was working she wouldn't have time to Twitter.

  4. Really, your the authority on work. NOT! Little people with little thoughts, how amusing.

  5. Obama needs to give her a Volt


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