Saturday, April 09, 2011

Documents show history of problems at Fernbridge Cafe; investigation continues, DA weighing charges

Documents show history of problems at Fernbridge Cafe; investigation continues, DA weighing charges
As the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office continues to mull filing charges against the operator of the Fernbridge Café, environmental health division documents outline a long history of problems at the restaurant.

Deputy District Attorney Krista McKimmy said Thursday that her office is continuing to investigate the case, but that she expects to make a decision on charging operator Steve Sterbeck by Monday....

At a glance:
What happened: Fernbridge Café operator Steve Sterbeck was arrested on suspicion of operating a food facility without a valid permit on March 31, about two weeks after water tests from the cafe returned positive results for E. coli bacteria. Sterbeck allegedly continued to operate the cafe for days after being ordered to close by the Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health.

What now: The business will remain closed until Sterbeck installs a state-approved water filtration system to treat the spring water used at the cafe. Sterbeck told a local radio station he and his family are contemplating moving to Tennessee, leaving an uncertain future for the cafe, which was built in 1920 and is a popular morning gathering place for local dairymen.
What next: The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is continuing to investigate, but said it will likely make a decision on whether to criminally charge Sterbeck by Monday....
PRESUMABLY - that decision should have been made PRIOR to arresting the man. The charges should be on the arrest warrant. Is there an arrest warrant?

Clarification needed Times-Standard Letter to the editor
The “problem” at Fernbridge Cafe has absolutely nothing to do with “sanitation or food safety,” as the DA's Office needs to publicly clarify...

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