Monday, December 07, 2009

Worth noting:

From the comments thread at the TS -

Gallegos decided that a beautiful, brilliant, vibrant 9 year old girls life is worth less than his own reputaion as an attorney.

I sat in the audience for hearing after hearing on evidence motions in this case. More often than not Gallegos showed up late, often without the case file and in every case, he let the defense attorney run the show. In one hearing he showed up with no file and when the defense attorney made a claim to the judge he actually said," I don't have the file, I'll have to accept that what he says is true." HUH?? I, the Chief law enforcement officer in the county take the word of an ACLU/ Public Defender?

I think the guy does the best he can, unfortuanately he is inept, unorganized and probably about 7 on a scale of 1-100 for prosecutors.

He took the safe way out, it's done, it's his decision and he's made it.

Next year DON"T stay home and assume someone else will vote this fool out. The cannabinoids and dirt bags have nothing else to do but go to the polls once every four year. Hold your for Nicole next time around and send this incompetent boob back to where he came from.

( Incidentally, that would be representing Pelican Bay inmates in ther grievences against the state for being unfairly treated in prison.)

So if i read this story right there was a plea because they obtained his blood with out consent, because the **** woman he was with lied and said she was driving, obviously the cops on the scene knew better, and had they not taken the blood and found out later that he was the driver when all trace of his alchol or whatever he was on was gone then there would not of been a case against this low life of a person. Hmm and no time for the lady that impeded the invetigation WOW it amazes me that there would be any kind of a deal. Where is the justice in this world. My prayers go out to this family, God bless. What constitutes the Law

It is an important point - in an accident, the driver sustains a different kind of injuries than a passenger. The officers would have had more than ample reason for drawing his blood, defense attorneys' attempts not withstanding.

There are many problems here, and only one of them is that Gallegos repeatedly sides with the defense's view of the world.


  1. "Vote him out?" You don't even have a candidate. He will run unopposed and get another 4 year term, Rose and you know it.

  2. No?

    Fairly entrenched rumor is Paul Hagen is running. He's taken Paul on before. He's got alot going for him.

    Newly circulating rumor is "" is running, and he's one of the few that might even make me say let Gallegos stay. Him and Schectman.

    Gallegos won't be unopposed - I expect there'll be as many as 6 candidates in the race. ALL the defense attorneys know he is incompetent and weak.

  3. Rompuy is a John Bircher? Who knew?


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