Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The horses are at the gate....

Patrick Higgins For 5th Distric Supervisor Tom Sebourn
Hislop to throw hat in the ring for sheriff Times Standard
Hislop to run for Sheriff McKinleyville Press - Daniel Mintz
Philp out of sheriff's race, Downey announces candidacy Times Standard
In which your host Ryan Hurley introduces the candidates and issues poised to rock Humboldt County like an eight-point-oh on the November 2010 ballot. Eureka Now!
It's official: Bass, Neely to run for 4th District Supervisor seat Times Standard
Jeff Leonard announced his intentions previously Times Standard
Linda Hill bows out of assessor's race
Assessor candidates announce their bids
Election Roundup
Elect Mike Downey
Dave Parris announces candidacy for coroner
Cleary Announces
Assessor - 4 Year term
Auditor-Controller - 4 Years
Coroner-Public Administrator - 4 Years
County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar of Voters - 4 Years
District Attorney - 4 Years
Sheriff - 4 Years
Superintendent of County Schools - 4 Years
Treasurer/Tax Collector - 4 Years
Supervisor District 4 - 4 Years
Supervisor District 5 - 4 Years
Superior Court Judge Department 1 - 6 Years
Superior Court Judge Department 5 - 6 Years

Election Roundup: Rodoni declares for Humboldt County assessor

Election Roundup: Humboldt County DA candidate Bryson to hold meet and greet
Election Roundup: Gallegos announces endorsements


  1. I notice absolutely no one has announced for DA. Just a bunch of rumors(and nothing more) about 2nd and 3rd rate Defense Attorneys, who would make more as DA then they can in private practice. Like Paul Hagen, Kathleen Bryson and Jeff Schwartz. All are former prosecutors. That is why they are thinking about running, but have done none of the leg work required like: campaign committees, websites, fundraising, offices and campaign staff. Election is 5 months and a week away. You see no one has set in motion to run.

  2. Count me in folks. You heard it here first.

    "Lodgepole for DA! He'll be a real dick to bad guys!"

  3. Count me in folks. You heard it here first..

    We could do worse.

  4. Fred's gonna be my Campaign Manager.

  5. Paul Hagen is running for DA. Now we have two Mikes running for sheriff, two Paul's running for DA.

  6. And two Pats for Fifth District.


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