Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Depot is sexy

Sorry, heraldo(a)/larry/pete/scott
"It's fitting that we're here today at Home Depot with folks who play a vital role in helping America’s families build strong homes and strengthen the ones they’ve got," Obama said. "'Cause that’s what we’re trying to do: rebuild America’s house, on a foundation of growth and prosperity."

"Insulation is sexy stuff," he added. "Here's what's sexy about it: saving money." (11:21 a.m.)


  1. R-19 15 inch insulation

    Piersons: $39.09 for 87 ft2; $0.45/ft2
    Home Depot: $15.67 for 48.67 ft2; $0.32/ft2

    for 1000 ft2 installation you would save about $129.00

    Enough for gas and lunch for family in Crescent City.

    As I always say, those that oppose big box are classist elites against the average wage earner in this county.

  2. Developers/Contractors are average wage earners?

    Maybe those who they employ-

  3. 2:48 PM, Duh! That's what unanon wrote.

  4. anon 2:48, I dub thee, Dr. inference. Just comparing prices and making a social comment. Sorry if it stings.


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