Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Larry Glass really all that concerned about toxic sites?

I don't think so.

The Works, Arcata CA - street view
Former Dry Cleaners


  1. You have way too much time on your hands

    Seek alternatives. Quickly.

  2. I don't know.....

    Why don't you just click and ask him?


    I know...then you wouldn't have an agenda.

  3. I have a soil auger, want to see if we can make him care?

  4. No, Derch. You ask him. I bet that thing has quite a plume. Does he care? has he filed suit? Run any tests? Snuck any Baykeeper stooges in to take samples?

    You remember what I said about the Marina Center? That long after the current crop of businesses is gone, new businesses will move in. Like hermit crabs.

    Well, Larry is the latest hermit crab in the Dry Cleaner's old space. And he was undoubtedly happy to get it, though it's not very spiffy on the outside. He doesn't care what was under it, there or anywhere else, except where the game is get Arkley.

    And arguably, after the clean-up is allowed, and even if it as capped like Costco - these tenants would have a cleaner location than Larry the hypocrite. Obviously he KNOWS he is perfectly safe in that location or he wouldn't be risking his employees' health, would he?

  5. Are their any 300000 square foot hermit crabs which could potentially replace Home Depot?

    Walmart maybe?

  6. Hope so 8;14. You see I don't grow dope so I don't have megabucks to drop in all the exclusive little boutique stores like those in old town that sell tank tops for 100 bucks and jeans for 300 bucks.

    I just work for a living and need to feed and clothe my family.

  7. Rose,
    Are you telling me that you compare a site that was open, had intentional spills/spraying/Haz waste right on the ground, that will be built on (NOT as industrial/brown field) to an existing building that had volatile (ie: they evaporate, ie: they don't leave any residue behind, ie: that's why they used it for 'DRY CLEANING') chemicals inside (ie:not dumped onto the bare ground)??? Oh, does Larry's building have a slough running through it also? I thought not....

    I do, however, apologize for the above run on sentence.

  8. C'mon Dechoadus, Rose is our very own conspiracy theorist, and we love her for it!

    Nothing better than reading her bullshit!

    Love ya Rose!

  9. I take it Larry has never raised any issue about what toxics are under and around his own business. Probably never even thought about it - read up on it, those chemicals don't just 'evaporate' derch. But it isn't really something that he's worried about.

    There's no money to be gained by following up on this is there...and it doesn't hurt Arkley, so - - - yawn - - Larry doesn't even think about it.


  10. Does Glass's store have a tidal slough directly under the floorboards that leads directly to the bay? Is the property an abandoned railyard?

    Inquiring conspiracy theorists want to know!

    Go did up the goods Rose! Plant some evidence if you don't find what you're looking for!

  11. sorry, DIG up the goods

    Go Rose Go!!!

  12. Do you recommend pink dye? Or green?

  13. Lets go with blue, the color Sarah <a href="http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/16/sarah-palin-john-mccain-visor-black-marker-election-attack-book-alaska-going-rogue-barack-obama-hawaii-bikini-photos-photo-picture/>choose in Hawaii on Tuesday!</a>

  14. One more try

    Lets go with blue, the color Sarah choose in Hawaii on Tuesday!

  15. Wow, poor Sarah Palin doesn't seem to care for her old running mate anymore!

  16. Sarah is old news

    But she is just so cute!!

    My Favorite conservative response


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