Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homicides up in 2009...nearly doubling last year's total. Plus.....highest since 2002

Eleven died at the hands of others in Humboldt County in 2009
In 2007 there were five homicides, eight in 2006 and four in 2005. The highest number of homicides in recent history was 14 in 1999.

Four of this year's killings have no arrests or suspects named and in only one case has there been any convictions.
In two of the cases, the suspect was arrested while driving the victim's vehicle.

Feb. 6, Andrew Pease
Feb. 24, Ezra Sanders
May 12 David Fields
June 16 Ted Kilston Stevens
June 23 Brad Masten
Aug. 30 Stephanie Fowler (remains found)
then William John Lundy
Sept. 10 Nicholas Montoya
Oct. 11 Michael Anthony Borcalli, aka Michael Dragon
Nov. 17 Robert Van Alstine
Dec. 13 David Earl Sanford

You could add one more: Whitmill and Flores were charged with murder in the death of Nicole Quigley, though they pled to reduced charges. ◼ Whitmill, Flores take District Attorney's deal.

Then there is:
Monica Bradshaw missing and presumed murdered
Murder files


  1. And this comes on the heels of San Francisco cutting their murder rate by 53% thus far from 98 to 45.

    The only ones risking injury were those who got between the cameras and the politicians racing to take credit.

  2. Kathleen Bryson2/02/2010 9:58 PM

    Hello, Kathleen Bryson here.

    Got a bit of a break in the campaign to check in. I was meaning to let Josephine Blowe know that I did know that her name was ficticious. I was just offering an olive leaf when I asked her to call. Since I didnt know her real name, I only had the blogster name to work with.

    However, not sarcastically at all, I did like your whole 5150 rendition. That showed major creativity.

    I have spent a good deal of time in England and deadpan sarcasm is the order of the day. So, keep up the Monty Python outtakes. If you get a break from it all, call my office - 268 8600. You can then call me to discuss the issues. Or you could (and this goes for everyone reading) come to my first Arts Alive in Eureka this Friday, February 6th at 6pm. My office is 732 Fifth Street, Suite C, Eureka 95501.

    For extra guidance, Paul Gallegos is in the northeast corner of 5th & I and I am at the southwest corner above Downtown Express coffeeshop.

    Until then,
    Kathleen Bryson is coming....complete with blogsite. Watch this space.

  3. Nice to meet you, Kathleen. And, Good Luck.

    I'd say again that "Josephine Blows" does not post comments here. Someone with that nic does post comments at The Mirror, not sure if they also post at Eric's or heraldo's.

    So your best bet is to try to reach "him/her/it/they" there


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