Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Double speak?

...District Attorney Paul Gallegos, who would lose Hislop's services if he's successful in his bid to become sheriff, is giving his chief investigator his full support.

”I have worked to attract, hire and maintain the best, the brightest and the most qualified people to work on behalf of the people of the state of California,” Gallegos wrote in an e-mail. “Mike Hislop exemplifies those qualities and characteristics. He is extremely intelligent, has excellent organizational and leadership skills and strives for excellence in all his endeavors. I have no doubt that he will be an outstanding sheriff.”

Hahahaha. But what is really interesting is the comments. The spin machine is in motion - but the truth is being spoken aloud.
Fred said, and I agree: Hislop is nowhere near qualified for this office. By all accounts he was a mediocre cop with EPD (that's why he left- no upward movement left). By everything I've read, he's been mediocre in his position with the D.A.'s office.

He has literally no managerial experience, and doesn't seem to have any idea about what even his current job description consists of. Very poor choice for a candidate in this race.

Then comes the Sterling-Nichols grade spin: I've met Mike Hislop on several occasions and at various functions. He is definitely the most qualified candidate for Sheriff. He's friendly and approachable. When you gget your head out of your a&$, take the time to talk to hiim and ask him where he stands on various local issues. You may be surprised.
The DA's office has seen many major changes over the years beginning with getting rid of the dead weight that's been plaguing that office for many years. Paul Gallegos has modernized the office and brought in some of the most talented Deputy DA's he could find. Many of their records are flawless. There has been more wins during Paul's term than ever before. Again, take the time and look up the facts before spouting off at the mouth. Especially those of you who don't even live here.

You really have to take that last statement apart piece by piece...

"dead weight" virtually ALL of the experienced, talented, dedicated DDAs, and most all of the staff
"most talented Deputy DA's he could find" "Tim's a stud!"
Many of their records are flawless "
more wins during Paul's term remember, plea deals count as wins
"worked to attract, hire and maintain the best, the brightest and the most qualified people"Not exactly.

As for Gallegos and Hislop's great adventure - Who can forget the attempt to set up an assault team, outfitted in matching carharrt gear, and complete with AR-15s?

The DA Investigators have had some successes solving cold cases. But that does not a Sheriff make.


  1. It's questionable to me, as I've mentioned elsewhere, whether a cold case should fall within the purview of the District Attorney's Office.

    Kind of interesting how a handful of Hislop supporters dominated the Topix comments on the T-S story. Wonder how many actual individuals posted?

    Dying to see who shows up at Hislop's candidacy announcement on Monday.

  2. The usual anti everything crowd.

  3. Nah, we're PRO competence.

  4. What did Hislop do to PO Fred?

    Fred might share with the rest of us what actually is under the purview of the DA's Office.

  5. Not to answer for Fred, but Fred knows Hislop's reputation, pretty much everyone does.

    It's mystifying that this man would run for Sheriff.

  6. Heavily arming unnecessarily,and potentially turning the unit into an even more paramilitary org. than it is already is enough to deter me from having any desire to see him as a sheriff.

  7. "potentially turning the unit into an even more paramilitary org. than it is already"

    That's funny! Kind of ignorant but funny none the less.

    And he's not running to be "a" sheriff but "The Sheriff".

    This will be an interesting election with all the sniping, dirt, and rumors. Sad but interesting.

    If you, Fred, Rose, or mresquan, or anyone supports Downey why not put out what you think is good about Downey instead of sliming Hislop?

  8. Sliming Hislop? By commenting that across the board the number one comment you hear is that no one likes him?

    By pointing out the assault team fiasco he and Galleogs cooked up and pushed for?

    As opposed to Downey, who is already doing the job, liked and respected by all...

    Here's the same dilemma we have seen before - you have someone good vs someone bad - you can't say anything bad about the bad one, that is called sliming, and you can't run the good one without pointing out what is wrong with the bad one...

    If there is no good and bad - the bad guys have a huge advantage. and the good guys have a hard time running on their good points because the bad ones are inflating their resume and making up shit and that makes it look like the good guy is a liar too if he says he is good.

    Real men doing real work quietly and without fanfare and self promotion have a hard time running against con men....

    Hislop may have some good points - but from ALL accounts I have received, he was not well liked in any but his current position - he seems to have found a happy home with Gallegos. You can make psychological explanations for that - but his decision to enter the race for Sheriff is VERY puzzling.

    Sorry, but Hislop's reputation, combined with his assault team antics, adds up to - may be a good investigator, may be good for Gallegos' team, but a BAD choice for Sheriff.

    That's all. Sorry to be blunt. Only thing I can figure is he figures Gallegos won't be in the job much longer, and he doesn't want to go back to being a traffic cop.

  9. Who said that I supported Downey?

    Nonetheless,I do have to give him some sort of credit for not promoting the radical armament that Hisplop did.

  10. But what do you mean mresquan? The Sheriffs office doesn't have "radical armament"? I thought they have the only swat team in the county? They must have some kind of armament? Do you know what kind of armament the Sheriffs office has? I doubt it. What makes it "radical"? Now Blue Lake PD had some "radical armament", had.

    I have no idea why Hislop made the decision to run for Sheriff. But I do know that even if Gallegos doesn't get re-elected it won't change Hislop's status and he won't "go back to being a traffic cop". You can rule that out as one of his possible motivations.

    I am not suggesting Downey is not qualified nor that he would not make a good Sheriff. But a little competition is a good thing.

  11. Rose I'm not trying to argumentative but Downey is not liked and respected by all. Not to say that he is not a good person but "liked and respected by all" is a bit of a stretch.

    As to the coming election so far I have only decided to support Virginia Bass and anyone running against Mike Thompson.


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