Friday, December 04, 2009

Paykeeper Pete sues

Groups asks court to stop Marina Center project Times-Standard - Breaking link
Groups ask court to scrap Marina Center analysis Times-Standard more complete report
Appellants prepare for Coastal Commission hearing on Marina Center (some interesting revelations in today's report actually)
Four local environmental groups are asking a Humboldt County court to force the withdrawal of Eureka's environmental impact report on Security National's planned Marina Center development on the Balloon Track property.
Humboldt Baykeeper, the Environmental Protection and Information Center, the Ecological Rights Foundation and the Northcoast Environmental Center filed a petition today in Humboldt County Superior Court alleging that the city council abused its discretion and violated state law when it approved the final EIR on Nov. 3. The petition claims that the document failed to fully address the project's effects on the environment, including the plan to clean up toxic soils, mitigation for traffic, the rezoning of the property and the effects on wastewater facilities.

The groups are asking the court to order the city to withdraw its approval of the EIR, and to prevent Security National subsidiary CUE IV from commencing work on the Marina Center.

In other words, the predatory litigious Paykeeper Pete Nichols sued - for ERF, his predatory litigious parent organization, and drug the NEC along with him.

Suing deep pockets is what Pete Nichols is all about - nothing more.

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  1. But, Ash said the first order of business it simply cleaning the place up. "Until you literally clean it up, you don't understand what needs to be repaired," he said, "so, the first stage of any restoration is cleanup." THANK YOU MR. JOHN ASH, WE COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER!!!!!!


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