Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spend more. Get less. The CA way.

The Worst-Run Big City in the U.S. - Spend more. Get less. We’re the city that knows how.
Unions, Graft, Stunning Incompetence Make San Francisco "Worst-Run Big City in the US" globaleconomicanalysis


  1. Good example of government at it's worst. There's lots of them out there.

    Did you see the Humboldt Mirror's post an hour ago?

    Looks like Gallegos may be in the middle of some crap.
    Just thought you might be interested.

  2. Eric's not gonna like this report. San Francisco is the political model of what he wants all of Humboldt County to become.

  3. Morning Dave, nice to see you here.

  4. I hear there is a broken leg involved. If the D.A. is involved someone has filed charges.

  5. Yep. Nicely done put- down of San Francisco. And actually a put- down of San Franciscans, too, since government often reflects the people who choose their government.

  6. I could never understand how people could think San Francisco a beautiful city. It's old and dirty and mostly ugly all through downtown and overpriced everywhere else and a minor nightmare to drive through when traffic's heavy. I'm always glad to get out of there and back here where there's greenery and no jobs..thanks to the hoard of big city activist refugees coming here to be big frogs in our small ponds.

  7. Finally finished that whole story. No mention of San Francisco's relatively new health program, Healthy San Francisco.

    I've read at least two newspaper stories on that program that tried to paint it as a glowing success. It may, or may not be, but none of what I've read about the program said anything about how much that program spends versus how much is being brought into it. Might that program be part of the 100s of millions of dollars in debt San Francisco has?

    Oh, and did any of you read that San Francisco is buying Treasure Island from the Navy for some 50 million dollars? Was in the paper in the last couple days.

  8. I've lived in SF for 6 years now and can say it is the best city (of it's size) in the Country. Bar none.

    And we didn't even have to host President bush one time during his 8 years in office! Fantastic!

  9. I'll take Rio Dell's quiet beauty over S.F. gridlock any day of the week, but that's me, someone who's lived in the countryside and small towns most all my life. Some people like being surrounded by the noise and concrete of city life but to me they're just cogs in a broken-down machine.


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