Thursday, February 19, 2009

What was in the Porkulus Bill?

Tucked into the 1,073-page stimulus bill, creates something called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board — the RAT Board, as it’s known by the few insiders who are aware of it.

First, let’s ask ourselves how this stimulates the economy. Why include this in an emergency stimulus bill when it has nothing to do with stimulus or economics? This rule change should have come in separate debate in Congress — like so many other portions of Porkulus.

It does, however, have everything to do with Hope and Change. What the RAT Board can do, as York points out, is direct or quash investigations by Inspectors General throughout the federal bureaucracy. Until now, IGs have had independence of action in order to avoid charges of politicization (remember that word?) and to conduct probes without interference from the Department of Justice, the White House, or Congress. Now they will answer to Congress not on general performance, but on the specifics of their probes.

How did it get into Porkulus? Grassley says it wasn’t in the original bill passed in the Senate, and it suddenly appeared in the conference version. No one has claimed ownership of the RAT Board yet,

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  1. You gotta love the comments on that Hot Air article. Everyone apparently still believes that Obama is not an American.

  2. exrepublican2/19/2009 10:59 AM

    i call people who wont accept the president, COWARDS. i think people like that should be exposed for the wimps that they really are.

    i saw a documentary the other night on HBO that followed the mccane/bimbo barbie campaign. it was amazing how many said they would leave the ountry if a black man were elected.

    i think eric holder is right. people like bortz, rush and anyone who wants to leave the usa IS a coward. to be honest, i think that most americans are cowards in some way. religious people are the biggest cowards. they are so afraid to die, that they will imagine ghosts in order to dampen the fear of death.

    its sad...neil bortz is urging americans to move oversees this morning. apparently we have elected an animal with no experience.

  3. Oh, don't be stupid, ex, remember how many libs were planning to flee the country over Bush - Alec Baldwin, as I recall...

    How soon you forget.

    No way in hell you were ever a Republican if you can stomach what is going on now, though. The porkulus is now being read... people are finding out WHY it was all such a rush, and why Pelosi fled to Italy rather than stay on for the signing.

    As for Holder, I guess a black Secretary of State, black President, and his own position isn't enough to prove that WE are not the racists - it's he and Reverend Wright and their ilk who are. For them it's a tool.

  4. rose,
    we know that you like big black "tools".......its all good

  5. Well I guess you can call me a coward because I do not accept Dear Leader in any form. Although the definition of coward is " a person who lacks the courage to do or endure unpleasant or dangerous things". The key word here is dangerous. As far as the " black tool" reference is concerned I assume you mean Black and Decker. Unless you, Anon, are very well acquainted with other black tools in general.

  6. You are such a lame dick ex-republican. Neither you or the other idiots you hang with down at 129 5th St. Eureka supported the other president ever. What a two face stupid statement. Now I didn't ever vote for Bush, but at least I am not two faced about it. I always question authority, unlike you ex. What a moron you are. I will continue to critisize anyone in goverment for doing stupid job and will give praise only when it is due.

  7. 8:55,
    i voted for bush the first time he ran.....dont jump to ASSumptions!!!!

    by the way, what is at 129 5th street? you called me a dick. is that where you find your dicks to suck?

  8. lunatic,
    at least you admit that you are a coward.....thats a step in the right direction....

  9. ex, for the most part you are welcome here, there's no need to be constantly on the attack. No need for perpetual rudeness.

  10. Rose - he is rude by genetic definition. Evidently something I said hit a nerve! Gee, wonder what that was.

    btw - address the point dipshit. I really don't care if you voted for bush "the first time" or not. What you said was " call people who wont accept the president, COWARDS." Ok so you are a coward, you did not support the last president because you didn't like him. COWARD. Now you call us who don't support the current one a coward. Your twisted way of thinking simply evades all logic.


  11. exrepublican2/20/2009 5:23 PM

    i was called a dick, and you call ME rude? i will defend myself at all costs. thats how i roll.......

    at least i can argue the ISSUES...i only resorted to being rude after being called names...funny how you picked sides and didnt call out the guy who called me a dick....

  12. exrepublican2/20/2009 5:28 PM

    if you cant "man up" and accept who is president of our country, thats your problem........if you dont accept him because of his color, you are a coward. its that simple......

  13. exrepublican2/20/2009 5:36 PM

    "ex, for the most part you are welcome here"

    for the most part? god forbid that the sheep who read your blog have to hear any sort of dissenting opinion......funny how most of the readers never actually argue the points, and go straight to insults such as im a "loser" or im "gay", or a "dick". i remember you folks from the 5th grade. i have grown past acting like that when i dont know what im talking about. you obvioulsy haven't.....

  14. Yes ,I am very afraid for this country. And what's that about Obama's color. Not THAT AGAIN, yeah I am so afraid of the big,bad black man. So very scaaaary.Are you going to use he's black ( and I don't like him because he's african and american) argument much longer? Read my lips: I don't like him because he's a fake a slick rick and a poverty pimp. I would have voted for Colin Powell in a heartbeat( caution: he's BLACK!)

  15. "Colin Powell"
    Talk about COWARDS,and LIARS.I point to him as the one most directly involved in fucking the public about WMD'S in Iraq.But then when it's the popular thing for him to do he puts on a "I'm sorry" face,pure bullshit.What a piece of shit.

  16. Colin Powell was used and betrayed by Cheney,Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.In regards to the Iraqi war he warned the administration, "you break it you buy it". He knew it was to be a very long occupation akin to Viet Nam. Colin Powell is a good and honorable man, and to call him a coward,a liar and a piece of shit is despicable.

  17. that's how I roll, now u have gone from ex to og. What a fucking dickless wonder. U are the one who started calling names. Argue points, u have no points just yada-yada talking points. Back to H where u fit right in with the rest of the socialist sheep. U too, mresquan. Put your head down in shame both of u for the bad mouthing crap.

  18. exrepublican2/22/2009 11:32 AM

    i rest my case...

  19. What case Ex - I mean Greg. Can't you at least blog in your own name. We do know who you are little man. If you want to be completely anon, then blog as an anon.

    But I have to say, looking into your closed meanspirited little mind is enlightening as to what a coward you really are.

    I don't duck stept to anyone. So quit your bullshit brother. You want to blindly follow, then fine, but for many of us it is the issue and not the slick political hack that gets our approval.

    but, feel free to rubberstamp what you will.

  20. Wow, getting pretty low there 9:45

    Too bad you offer nothing in return but insults


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